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Saturday, February 3, 2018

All Public Art (APA) - New technology that combines the art market and blockchain with a unique and eligible business model

In the blockchain world, there are many projects, one of which will be discussed here is "all public art". All Public Art is a startup with new technology combining the art market and blockchain with a unique business model and is qualified to resolve some of the challenges facing international art trade.

All Public Art serves as a liaison between three areas with the tremendous potential of art, blockchain technology and the people who create, sell or buy art. By combining each area into a new arts trade model, All Public Art ensures that the art market is profitable for artists and collectors.


All Public Art serves artists, sellers, collectors, and consumers who want a smooth and easy process to trade art. Blockchain technology offers great potential and is in line with the art market as it enables a peer-to-peer service for artists, sellers, collectors, and consumers while offering sales transparency.

With the All Public Art platform, there is no need to pay commission fees and blockchain technology offers complete transparency for both parties involved in the transaction. All Public Art aims to create a community of people who buy and sell art with the benefits of blockchain technology. All Blockchain technology from Public Art will minimize fake art, build confidence in the art market, improve art trade services and improve economic and social benefits in the global art community.

The ultimate goal and long-term goal of All Public Art is to have All Public Art tokens into a peer-to-peer art market trading tool. For the vision to be achieved in the art market, the All Public Art market has been run. The blockchain art and technology market will merge perfectly because of the combination of the program's basic features:
  1. simple communication
  2. Transparent system
  3. Security and stability guarantees
  4. Empowerment of artists and art collectors
  5. The existence of a support community 
the main components in the All Public Art trade process are:
  1. REGISTRATION: All All Public Art communities must register on the platform. After registering and being able to operate applications such as posting artwork will be rewarded with an APA token.
  2. UNIQUE & SECURITY ID: At the time of registration will receive a unique ID that will be used to authenticate all transactions in the blockchain. There will also be four options for Artwork Security: unique IDs with QR codes, unique IDs embedded on sensitive stickers and holographic stickers, RFID Chips (RF Radio Identification Chips), Micro RFID chips in adhesives applied to artwork
  3. TRADE: When an art collector discovers a work of art they want to trade for evidence of trade, they may immediately click the "Acquire Artwork" button to start trading.
  4. SHIPPING: Shipment of artwork with 2 elected as Fine Art Shipping Affiliates for fine arts, Standard Delivery for small artwork and goods 

Token Sale


Token Pre-Sale Phase

The pre-sales phase will take place from February, 12, 2018 to February, 18, 2018. The purpose of this phase is to build a token sales momentum in no time, and to encourage initial investment.

Minimum Contribution


$15 worth of ETH minimum for Artists 25%
$10.5k worth of ETH 25%
$30k worth of ETH 30%
$150k worth of ETH 35%
$300k worth of ETH 40%


 Token Sale Phase

 The token sale phase will run from February 19, 2018 to March 19, 2018. Early participants will receive bonus tokens to reward them for joining earlier. The sooner you join, the greater the bonus that will be given to you



1st (First) Week 20%
2nd (Second) Week 15%
3rd (Third) Week 10%
4th (Fourth) Week 0%


Team & Advisors

Member Team
Graham Goddard – Founder | CEO
Gustavo Guimarães – Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer
Sabyasachi Saha – CTO | Software Engineer
Rishan Bhagowat – Market Maker | Token Sale Architect
Tineke Zwart – Public Relations
Alisha Bhagowat – Token Sale Operations Manager
Michael Slater – Public Relations
Justin Wu – Growth Marketer
Alaina Simone – Curator at Large
Brad Bulent Yasar – Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC)
Kent Twitchell – Visual Artist
Gregory Rocco – InvestFeed | Augmate
James P. Jalil – Thompson Hine LLP
Cassandra W. Borchers – Thompson Hine LLP
 Chad Anderson  – MT Digital Assets

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