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Monday, February 5, 2018

Debitum Network - Create an initial market and facilitator to solve the worldwide credit gap

Capital is very important in running a business. Therefore, every small to medium business is in need of capital from the investors. But in reality, the existence of credit disparities makes small and medium enterprises difficult to develop their business. This problem is a global problem. Therefore, to solve this problem also need a global solution that is with blockchain technology. Blockchain ensures transparency and trust by using smart contracts.

Solution from Debitum network
Money is his solution. Lending money is not as easy as one might imagine. All require the process and the rules. Because lending money is about trust. That is the trust of a financier to a borrower to give a loan which can then be held accountable by a borrower to pay or repay the loan. business confidence is highly emphasized and preferably here. By using a trust-based blockchain solution the Debitum Network ensures the trust required for all partners, especially investors, to operate within the ecosystem.

Debitum Network is an early market maker and facilitator to solve the worldwide credit gap by connecting SMEs with global investors who can rely on services provided by local or regional parties, ie, verification, risk assessment, insurance, debt collection. It is possible to attract global investors to distribute their available capital and attract SME to borrow and finance their growth. However, to make the whole ecosystem truly decentralized, global and self-service providers will be organized into 'communities'. Each community will have a community leader who has an additional function for a community trust arbitration contract.

We believe that community use is the only way to ensure that the required level of control is decentralized and approaches the end customer service that provides partners, borrowers, and investors. At the same time, the design of such organizations gives local and regional communities a great deal of freedom and service providers. We believe that this is the only way to ensure the rapid, efficient and stable growth of the Debitum network.

By combining reliable and efficient block-based fiat and financing operations, Debitum Network ensures high interest from SME and investors. Because borrowing is primarily driven by a belief in the borrower's ability to repay, the Debit Network will ensure that all transactions will be interconnected with smart arbitration trust contracts that will provide an objective trust rating for each single partner as well as the partner community (ie, a community of risk assessors in one country ).

Smart Contract
The inter-related Ethereum Smart contract will allow for the possibility of distributing ownership of process streams managed by various communities. Smart contract standards The Debitum Network will facilitate the flow of settlement between the service provider community, the investor, the fiat facilitator, and the borrower.

Debitum Token (DEB)
Debitum issued a token named Token Debitum, the goal to create a thriving, reliable, independent, and global business financing ecosystem. Debitum Token also works to pay for all services provided. Only those who have Debitum tokens can buy various services via the Debitum Network. 

There are two intrinsic values for Debitum's sign, namely:
  1. 'Value Exchange' as a Debitum token is the only means of payment within the Debitum Network
  2. 'Toll' because all service providers must 'freeze' a number of Debitum tokens to ensure the implementation of future services through mechanisms

So, the existence of Debitum network is very useful for both SME and investors. Therefore, let's join with Debitum to gain mutual success.


Learn more about what we’ve achieved so far, our short-term plans, and what we’ll create together


ICO Crowdsale

Additional tokens will be available for purchase later in line with the Debitum business plan. 


Name Debitum (DEB)
Blockchain Ethereum-based (ERC223) token
Supply 400 million tokens
Deposit Method: Ether (ETH)
Hard cap: 24 000 Ether (ETH)

Round A (Community round)
Round A Started: December 7, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Round A Ended December 21, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Result 1,2M USD collected

Round B
Round B Starts January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B Ends February 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B cap 20 000 Ether (ETH)


Member Team Mārtiņš Liberts – Co-Founder / VisionaryDonatas Juodelis – Co-Founder / Partner relations
Justas Šaltinis – Co-Founder / Financing operations
Mažvydas Mackevičius – Technology lead / Blockchain technology expert
Märt Lume – Lead product manager
Advisors Eyal Hertzog – Co-Founder of Bancor / Crypto advisor
Tadas Langaitis – Investor relations advisor
Honourable Richard Evans – Investor relations advisor
Andrius Bogdanovičius – Risk assessment advisor
Andrius Nikitinas – International business development advisor
Michael Ricks – Financial services advisor
Peter Howitt – Legal advisor
James Downton – Marketing advisor
Lex Sokolin – Fintech advisor

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