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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CrowdCoinage - Develop tools and instruments for market and investment analysis

There are many ICO projects coming, but how to choose the right to invest? Some business experts claim the best strategy is to choose a project that develops in a blockchain environment. That way we can capture the potential of a larger market. So Crowdcoinage is the choice. You can launch your ICO for free on our platform, create a digital identity with e-Residency, find professionals for the project or find a job here, complete development and escort business. Crowdcoinage is a comprehensive platform, covering all business processes. And we can really give a boost to all the blockchain economy. So when you decide to invest in an ICO you must think about the future potential of the ICO and then make the right decision.


Crowdcoinage is a decentralized crowdfunding platform.Crowdcoinage aims to be the most user-friendly in the market for both beginners and investors. For beginners to help fund and to investors is to protect investors from potential ICO cheats and give them more power to control investment. Crowdcoinage issued an ERC20 type token named CCOS. CCOS tokens will be traded freely on various exchanges.


Crowdcoinage will allow the founders of different startups to communicate with each other and find talents and professionals with special expertise to help them assemble winning team of developers, business developers, marketing and PR people.

The vision of CrowdCoinage is to create unlimited decentralization for all types of financial services and products wherever, whoever and wherever may be the service provider or consumer of these products and services. Crowdcoinage aims to develop tools and instruments for market analysis and investment.

Wallet and exchange
Easy-to-use web wallets will be developed for exchanges that support multiple currencies. Each user will install his wallet during the registration process and the highest security standards will be followed. Funds will be secured by saving both using online and offline storage solutions. The buttons will be protected by additional encryption, prepared with randomly generated passwords known to the user only. Two-factor authentication will be used as an additional protective layer. While the exchange liberates the investor from the needs of the founders and uses another exchange to convert fiat money into cryptocurrency and vice versa 

There are 5 basic properties that become excess Crowdcoinage, namely:

  1. Decentralized
    The CrowdCoinage ICO platform is almost entirely built on the blockchain, only indispensable servers or services that will be used outside the block. In addition, all functions, sounds, and transactions on the ICO CrowdCoinage platform will be prepared in a decentralized way.
  2. SafeSociety & investors decide. The community has an important part in the world of cryptocurrency/blockchain. the CrowdCoinage platform prioritizes community trust and approval.
  3. Free
    The only costs incurred are network costs alone. While the system will keep the basic plan free for all users
  4. Market
    The market is meant both for companies and professionals who offer their services
  5. E-residency
    This year's e-Residency application process will be implemented into the Crowncoinage platform to enhance the user experience. ID cards provided by the e-residence program can be used, for example for faster KYC and the secure identification required to move funds from one wallet to another.
For that, we invite you especially the investors to join us.


Token Sale

ICO structure

Token Sale Starts 2018/02/12, Monday
Token Sale Period 2018/02/12 11AM EET (UTC/GMT +2) to 2018/03/12 11PM EET (UTC/GMT +2)
Hard Cap 3,900 ETH
Bonus 1st week – 20%
2nd week – 15%
3rd week – 10%
4th week – 0%
Subscriber Bonus 1st week – 40%
(leave us your email before the ICO starts on 2018/02/12 you receive a special link that gives a twice as much bonus from all investments made during a first week)
Large Contributor Bonus 3 ETH – 10%
5 ETH – 30%
10 ETH – 50%
30 ETH – 70%
50 ETH – 80%
(bonus on top of any other bonus that may apply)
Token Symbol CCOS
Total Number of Tokens 250,000,000
Tokens sold in this sale 50%
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 10,000 CCOS tokens
Minimum Purchase 10 CCOS tokens
Accepted Cryptos ETH
Adjustability Undistributed tokens will be destroyed by smart contract
Listing CCOS tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges after the token sale


Team & Advisors


Peep Paum Co-Founder & CEO
Tauno Poks Co-Founder & CTO
Sven Kauber Co-Founder & senior backend/blockchain developer
Silver Liiv Co-Founder & frontend developer
Marina Baslina CMO
Vinshu Gupta Blockchain expert
Oleksandr Sovenko Senior backend/Solidity developer
Riho Muuga Designer
Arlis Kopli Frontend developer
Mattias Kurvits Backend developer
Christopher Matthew Spencer International Business Consultant at kathy ireland Worldwide
Edvin Parisalu Finance Consultant at Car Rental Gateway Limited
Kaupo Lepasepp Legal Consultant at Sorainen Law Firm
Peeter Kruusvall Strategist & Partner at Optimist Public Communication Agency
Terence Seow Managing Director at Bank of Singapore
Mervik Haums Developer & Crypto Enthusiast at IdeaKloud & CoinScannr


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writen by : Ludmilla
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