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Saturday, February 17, 2018

ICONIC - The environment for financing and offering business assets through blockchain technology

In the blockchain world, there are many projects. Basically, the main purpose of All projects is the same that is for the success of the project. This time that will be discussed is an ICO project called ICONIC.

Iconic is the environment for financing and offering business assets through blockchain technology. As a result of the need to accumulate investment and potential investors with technologies that offer new opportunities through a decentralized and transparent digital structure, Iconic is guided by the premise to help drive and regulate market development. Iconic has a mission of forming an integrated ecosystem for the realization of ICO.

Iconic presents itself as the most comprehensive market in the market, covering all possible phases of ICO namely the supply of electronic assets (tokens); trading of marketable assets; and the instruments necessary to ensure compliance and promises made by the offeror.

There are 3 elements in the formation of the ecosystem in iconic, among others:
  1. Environment
    Channels to encourage business and approach investors through the promotion of ICO. Delivered in a simple, easy and interactive structure, the Iconic Environment connects prospective projects with potential stakeholders to participate and follow up on the offer.
  2. Trading
    Offers a dynamic space for buying and selling electronic assets (tokens) obtained through the Iconic Environment, becoming an essential channel for providing quick liquidity to early investors and the possibility of continuous token trading as each project develops itself.
  3. Guarantee
    This assurance embodies an unparalleled Iconic distinction. Through it, Iconic enables the possibility of offering with a reliable third-party intermediary (Escrow managers); the power to request an audit within the project; and the potential for resolving conflicts of interest to ensure the fulfillment of the pledges and obligations of each offer.


 Iconic has a token named NIC. This token is used for all internal functions of the ecosystem and serves as an instrument for the overall structure.

Therefore, we invite all of you especially the investors to join together in this project to gain mutual success



PROJECT ICONIC, and ICOs ecosystem built through decentralized assurance
TOKEN BACKGROUND ERC20 on Ethereum Blockchain
MIN NUMBER SOLD 85,000,000
MAX NUMBER SOLD 425,000,000
SCHEDULE PRE-ICO 02/08/2018 • 02/20/2018 | ICO 03/01/2018 • 03/31/2018
UNSOLD TOKENS Destroyed 72 hours after ICO finish
ESCROW Multisigned account with independent and inconspicuous management
TOKEN BALLAST 35% of net profit to the DAO NIC Fund



Member Team Jonathan Doering Darcie – Business HeadRoger Ilha Moreira – Strategic Head Filipo Mór – Technical Head
Rafael Sebben – Project Manager
Lucas Souza da Rosa – BLockchain Developer
Tatiana Prisco – Content Manager
Luciane Alvim – Art Director
Samuel Franzen – Art Director
Eduardo Makiyama – Blockchain Specialist
Advisors Simon Cocking – Blockchain AdvisorNikolay Zvezdin – Blockchain Advisor Jason Hung – Blockchain Advisor
Fabio Ostermann – Economic
Renata Barreto – Economic
Márcio Freitas – Environment
Leonardo Barcelos – Environment
César Augusto Marcon – I.T.
Manoel Neubarth Trindade – Legal


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

PERSONA - Identity management using blockchain technology

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. One of them will be discussed is Persona. Well here's a quick review of the persona.

Persona is a solution for identity management, in line with the latest data protection rules. The scope is to empower customers and give them control over their personal data as well as the means to gain access to their personal data. Persona utilizes blockchain technology for identity management without any hassle.

Persona is designed as a decentralized app with no single point of failure and keeps all the records encrypted. Persona also has a utility token to issue verification of the PRS Token.

The main goals of Persona are as follows: 

  1. Utilizing an identity management service for individuals based on the technology that blockchain technology can offer.
  2. Protecting individuals about personal data.
  3. Empower everyone and give them power over what they share and with whom when it comes to their personal identity and details
  4. Allows third parties entrusted with personal details to enrich their services by offering trust as a service.
  5. Prevent false news, by providing a decentralized identity management system
  6. Expedite the onboarding process because a person may have been checked by several entities listed in the system.
Persona uses distributed ledger technology to manage user permissions, approval transactions, and identity proofs. Persona will deploy its own blockchain, The Persona Blockchain which has the following characteristics:
  • DPOS blockchain with 51 branching delegates from cap chain ark (ark.io)
  • Blockchain will be public and will feature interoperability with other blocks through Smart Bridges.
  • Persona will integrate natively, at the blockchain level, solutions such as IPFS to share documents and files between users.

That's a brief description of persona. Hopefully useful for all of us.



Professional Team

In addition to those reasons, Persona will convince you due to its professional team. The team is experienced to handle personal data and bitcoin matters. You just trust the team and it is finishing and completing your jobs and needed matters. The team understands on the further ways and steps when there are some occuring problems in the process of keeping your personal data. The team will never make you disappointed.

Member Team
Ștefan Neagu – Co-Founder
Ioana Frîncu – Co-Founder
Dan Cearnău – Co-Founder
Iulian Oprea – Technical Lead
Alexandru Marin – Mobile Developer
Raluca Mitarca – Visual Designer
Lucian Roșu – Blockchain Developer
Tudor Stomff – Community Manager
Victor Micu – Community Manager
Cristian Lina – Advisors
Mike Doty – Advisors
Cosmin Bucur – Advisors
Johan Gabriels – Advisors
Sorin Simplaceanu – Advisors


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Bitcoinus - Online payment at low cost

Hello all how are you? I hope all is well. Immediately, as usual, I will discuss the ICO project. This time the project I will discuss is Bitcoinus. One of the first stages of successful market penetration is developing plug-ins for the most popular and widely used e-commerce platforms such as Magento 2, Shopify, Wordpress, ZenCart, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and others. Companies like Microsoft, KFC and Apple have already received Bitcoin and some other major crypts on their platforms.

Quality crypto processing is becoming standard. This plugin will work with the Bitcoinus platform that allows all crypto assets to be used whenever required by the holder. This combined solution will greatly improve transaction security and speed. Excess Bitcoinus platform lies in its price. Bitcoinus will only charge a commission of 0.5% for all transactions. Compared to processing companies and other service providers, Bitcoinus will be the most effective product on the market.

The low price of transactions performs two important roles, namely: 
  • Cost-effective alternatives to traditional banking services and other payment service providers for all types of online-based businesses.
  • encourage businesses to adjust cryptocurrency more effectively.
Bitcoinus uses the Ethereum blockade, even Bitcoinus has a token named BITS token. BITS tokens will be developed using the ERC20 market standard.

BITS tokens have benefits for the holder. Such as:
  1. 0% merchant transaction fee when payment is made at BITS.
  2. Implement a reputable merchant system to ensure secure transactions.
  3. All-season sales from most of Bitcoinus's retail partners.
  4. The maximum BITS token liquidity is guaranteed by trading in all major exchanges.
  5. Bitcoinus tokens are locked for 12 months so there is no market manipulation
  6. The growth of the crypto online payment industry has grown rapidly in exponential growth.
That's a brief explanation of bitcoinus, hopefully useful. see you later in the next article


bitcoinus roadmap

Token Sale

Bitcoinus tokens will be available on the major exchanges from the 1st of June.
Total Supply 65,000,000
TOKENS FOR SALE 50,000,000
SOFT CAP 3,000,000
HARD CAP 50,000,000
bitconus alocation


Team Xavier Murtza – Co-Founder, CEO Tomas Mickauskas  – Co-Founder
Povilas Ruzgaila – Chief Marketing Officer
Karyna Kavalenka – Social Media/Client support
Tudor Stomff – Community and Bounty Manager
John Wu – Client Support Manager
Rusne Bigelyte – Social Media Expert
Beatrice Liepute – Public Relations Manager
Developers Liudas Šmatavičius – CTO Boris Abramov – Developer
Martynas Paliulis – Developer
Ernestas Paznekas – Developer
Advisors Dovilė Užkurėnė – Legal Advisor Ioana Frincu – Blockchain Developer
Pedro Jordao – Professor
Eva Skornickova – Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor
Wulf Kaal – Professor

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Galaxy eSolution - Integrate the block and develop into a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform


Introducing GES

Galaxy eSolutions is a Global eCommerce business that is set to become a Market Leader in the Consumer Electronics Sector Pre-owned and refurbished. GES is headquartered in Hong Kong and focuses In the global market. GES issued a token that can be used to purchase the product and instead of the ether. The token is named GES tokens.

The vision of the GES is to integrate the block and develop a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform.

GES operates several market platforms including NDBD, YABPhones, Android Reborn (under renovation), and Mobile Freak (in development).NDBD and Yabphones are focused, and focused on sales, while Mobile Freak is a decentralized P2P buy-and-sell platform. Together, the centralized and decentralized platform creates a hybrid e-commerce ecosystem of Galaxy eSolutions. The reason for this hybrid model is the Galaxy eSolutions belief that in the B2C model, where it sends goods to the consumer the consistency of goods quality and expectations are guaranteed.


  • NDBD: Currently B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sites are growing into a market with approved suppliers).
  • Yabphones: B2C and F2C (Factory-to-Consumer) sites with their own updated brand products.
  • Mobile Freak (mobilefreak.com): a site to be built with blockchain to serve the C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) market, C2B (Consumer-to-Business) and B2B (Business-to-Business).
Therefore, GES incorporates the Blockchain platform into one of its markets MobileFreak, where consumers and businesses can trade on their phones with other businesses. This will be a model and a direct P2P type ecosystem. Blockchain technology also helps to quickly and easily record items, transactions, and logistics of both parties.

Achievements from GES include:
  1. Achieve nearly 2 million USD monthly sales within 9 months.
  2. Reach the monthly operational breakeven point in August 2017.
  3. Projected to achieve 120M sales by 2018.
  4. Exclusive partnership with Apple and Samsung licensed repair factory

GES has advantages in several areas, including: 
  1. Branding
    Galaxy eSolutions uses their own brands to build consistent consumer expectations across products. This will encourage repeat purchases as customers realize that Galaxy eSolutions is a trusted rejuvenation provider
  2. Price
    Galaxy eSolutions emphasizes lower costs through control at every stage of the restoration process. They have a repair factory, and they process all the retail transactions themselves. This means they control the price and quality
  3. Speed ​​to Market
    Galaxy eSolutions promises to get consumer electronics to the market faster than its competitors. Because the company controls the entire supply chain, the company fully controls all necessary processes before reaching the market. Galaxy eSolutions does not need to wait for third party suppliers or third-party restoration company.
  4. Warranty
    Galaxy eSolutions has a 13-month warranty for all electronics sold through their restoration program, an inimitable warranty for professionally updated appliances.

GES Token Offering and Returns

Token Offering
  • Token symbol: GES
  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products.
  • Token users receive a 5% token-back reward on purchases at the end of every month.
  • Maximum supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
  • Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH per token).
  • Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH
  • Hardcap: 20,000 ETH
Offer Schedule
  • ICO: 28th February 2018 to 31st March 2018
ICO Bonus Structure
  • 0.1 to 49 ETH = 20% bonus
  • 50 to 99 ETH = 25% bonus
  • 100 to 249 ETH = 30% bonus
  • 250 to 499 ETH = 35% bonus
  • 500 to 999 ETH = 40% bonus
  • 1000 to 2499 ETH = 45% bonus
  • 2500 ETH and above = 50% bonus
  • Additional bonus: if you contribute to both Galaxy eSolutions and Sharder ICOs, you will receive a 5% token bonus on your contribution from both parties.
Token Distribution


Team Yuen Wong – Co-Founder & CEO Joe Chan – Chief Technology Officer
Erik Hohmann – Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Wong – Chief Operation Officer
Blockchain Development Ben Xiong – CEO & CTO Wayne Shao – COO
Rick Wang – CMO
Financial And Investment Louis Tang – Former Group Finance Director at Noble Group (was Fortune 250 company)
Professional And Compliance Brian Colwell – ICO Advisor, Crypto Investor Simon Choi – Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer
Pranav Burnwal – Region Head at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer
Brennan Bennett – Block Chain Technology Consultant
Business And Advisory Miles StollAccount – Executive (Retail), Google LLC. Manuel Salvaterra – Business Development Manager, Google LLC.
Neil Thomas – CEO & Founder at Muzaara
Dr. John Wong – Executive Vice Chairman at Executives’ Global Network
Stanley Lee – The President at E-Commerce
Association of Hong Kong
Abdulaziz Aljouf – Founder & CEO at Paytabs
Jordan Miller – Founder at Paradigm Agency
Ken Wong – GM at Continental Global Service Ltd & Executive Officer at E-commerce Association of HK

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

TOKENLEND - Blockchain-powered lending platform

In the world of the blockchain, there are many projects one of which will be discussed here is Tokenlend. Immediately, here's a quick review of Tokenlend. Tokenlend is a platform that provides the ability to invest in real estate loans using crypto and fiat currencies. Tokenlend removes the uncertainties faced by small investors by helping secure loan-based investments and providing a competitive, predictable and consistent rate of return.

The mission of the Tokenlend is to make the loan market for everyone. Therefore, the team is planning the creation of a blockchain-powered loan platform aimed at helping users to earn profits by lending funds easily and quickly.

the excellence of Tokenlend

TokenLend gives you the ability to invest in real estate loans using crypto and fiat currencies. This platform contains a carefully selected list of carefully selected loan and pre-checks available for investment. TokenLend will only receive from trusted EU loan originators. The presence of a legal entity as a counterparty will allow us to take the necessary precautions in advance to receive timely payments by the lender and reduce the risk of default. TokenLend personnel will re-validate information received by the lender, including personal data of the borrower, appointment information, appraisal and LTV ratios. Loans will only be listed on the platform if they meet TokenLend strict loan selection criteria.


The platform provides a suite of tools for potential investors and lenders through an easy-to-use web interface. The core features contained in TokenLend are:
  1. The loan market where the lender will offer the opportunity for the user to invest and receive income.
  2. Market Loan Participation Note (LPN) is a "Secondary Market" where users can trade in sustainable investment for liquidity.
  3. Payment gateways that allow users and lenders to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.

How Tokenlend Works

  1. The originator of the loan adds a new loan to the system through the Dashboard. Once loan details are validated and successfully verified by platform personnel, smart loan contracts are created and published to the platform.
  2. Users purchase Loan Participation Notes (LPN) for a particular loan by transferring the desired amount of TLN to the loan address. The loan smart contract then generates an LPN contract with a principal amount equal to the amount of TLN transferred by the user as well as a personal repayment schedule based on LPN time stamps and loan terms.
  3. LPN is related to the ETH wallet address of the user as the recipient of the interest payment. The total amount of TLN received from all users is transferred to the Originator Credit account as the principal of the loan.
  4. According to the schedule of smart loan contracts, the lender sends interest payments and principal payments (if applicable) to the platform.
  5. After the last transaction by the lender, the LPN contract closes the repayment schedule and sends the interest along with the remaining principal of the TLN loan to the respective account.
  6. The loan is then deemed to be closed, then the association of the wallet address is issued and the LPN contract is considered fully executed
That's a quick review of Tokenlend. Hopefully, it can be useful for readers and for investors to take steps to participate in the success of this project.

 TLN Token

Tokenlend has a token of lend coin (TLN). TLN can be used to invest in loans registered on the platform and receive revenue. The TLN token holder is guaranteed a share of the company's profits.


Total supply:

473 466 667 TLN
ICO supply: 350 000 000 TLN
Token price: 1 ETH = 2 500 TLN
Soft cap is: 20 000 ETH
Hard cap is: 140 000 ETH


Tier 1: 0 >= 3000 ETH – 10% bonus tokens
Tier 2: 3000 >= 9000 ETH – 7% bonus tokens
Tier 3: 9000 >= 21000 ETH – 5% bonus tokens
Tier 4: 21000 >= 45000 ETH – 3% bonus tokens



Team Ivan Kovtun – Chief Operating Officer
Sergei Naiden – Chief Executive Officer
Vitaliy Russkih – Chief Technical Officer
Aleksandr Petrov – Blockchain Architect
Maria Viter – Business Development Officer
Tanya Chuh – Chief Community Officer
Advisors Leo Matveev – CEO & Founder at SearchInform
Maksims Matulevics – CEO & Founder at Money Express Credit
Nikolajs Timofejevs – CVO at Money Express
Anton Kolomyeytsev – CEO & Co-Founder at StarWind Inc


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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CrowdCoinage - Develop tools and instruments for market and investment analysis

There are many ICO projects coming, but how to choose the right to invest? Some business experts claim the best strategy is to choose a project that develops in a blockchain environment. That way we can capture the potential of a larger market. So Crowdcoinage is the choice. You can launch your ICO for free on our platform, create a digital identity with e-Residency, find professionals for the project or find a job here, complete development and escort business. Crowdcoinage is a comprehensive platform, covering all business processes. And we can really give a boost to all the blockchain economy. So when you decide to invest in an ICO you must think about the future potential of the ICO and then make the right decision.


Crowdcoinage is a decentralized crowdfunding platform.Crowdcoinage aims to be the most user-friendly in the market for both beginners and investors. For beginners to help fund and to investors is to protect investors from potential ICO cheats and give them more power to control investment. Crowdcoinage issued an ERC20 type token named CCOS. CCOS tokens will be traded freely on various exchanges.


Crowdcoinage will allow the founders of different startups to communicate with each other and find talents and professionals with special expertise to help them assemble winning team of developers, business developers, marketing and PR people.

The vision of CrowdCoinage is to create unlimited decentralization for all types of financial services and products wherever, whoever and wherever may be the service provider or consumer of these products and services. Crowdcoinage aims to develop tools and instruments for market analysis and investment.

Wallet and exchange
Easy-to-use web wallets will be developed for exchanges that support multiple currencies. Each user will install his wallet during the registration process and the highest security standards will be followed. Funds will be secured by saving both using online and offline storage solutions. The buttons will be protected by additional encryption, prepared with randomly generated passwords known to the user only. Two-factor authentication will be used as an additional protective layer. While the exchange liberates the investor from the needs of the founders and uses another exchange to convert fiat money into cryptocurrency and vice versa 

There are 5 basic properties that become excess Crowdcoinage, namely:

  1. Decentralized
    The CrowdCoinage ICO platform is almost entirely built on the blockchain, only indispensable servers or services that will be used outside the block. In addition, all functions, sounds, and transactions on the ICO CrowdCoinage platform will be prepared in a decentralized way.
  2. SafeSociety & investors decide. The community has an important part in the world of cryptocurrency/blockchain. the CrowdCoinage platform prioritizes community trust and approval.
  3. Free
    The only costs incurred are network costs alone. While the system will keep the basic plan free for all users
  4. Market
    The market is meant both for companies and professionals who offer their services
  5. E-residency
    This year's e-Residency application process will be implemented into the Crowncoinage platform to enhance the user experience. ID cards provided by the e-residence program can be used, for example for faster KYC and the secure identification required to move funds from one wallet to another.
For that, we invite you especially the investors to join us.


Token Sale

ICO structure

Token Sale Starts 2018/02/12, Monday
Token Sale Period 2018/02/12 11AM EET (UTC/GMT +2) to 2018/03/12 11PM EET (UTC/GMT +2)
Hard Cap 3,900 ETH
Bonus 1st week – 20%
2nd week – 15%
3rd week – 10%
4th week – 0%
Subscriber Bonus 1st week – 40%
(leave us your email before the ICO starts on 2018/02/12 you receive a special link that gives a twice as much bonus from all investments made during a first week)
Large Contributor Bonus 3 ETH – 10%
5 ETH – 30%
10 ETH – 50%
30 ETH – 70%
50 ETH – 80%
(bonus on top of any other bonus that may apply)
Token Symbol CCOS
Total Number of Tokens 250,000,000
Tokens sold in this sale 50%
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 10,000 CCOS tokens
Minimum Purchase 10 CCOS tokens
Accepted Cryptos ETH
Adjustability Undistributed tokens will be destroyed by smart contract
Listing CCOS tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges after the token sale


Team & Advisors


Peep Paum Co-Founder & CEO
Tauno Poks Co-Founder & CTO
Sven Kauber Co-Founder & senior backend/blockchain developer
Silver Liiv Co-Founder & frontend developer
Marina Baslina CMO
Vinshu Gupta Blockchain expert
Oleksandr Sovenko Senior backend/Solidity developer
Riho Muuga Designer
Arlis Kopli Frontend developer
Mattias Kurvits Backend developer
Christopher Matthew Spencer International Business Consultant at kathy ireland Worldwide
Edvin Parisalu Finance Consultant at Car Rental Gateway Limited
Kaupo Lepasepp Legal Consultant at Sorainen Law Firm
Peeter Kruusvall Strategist & Partner at Optimist Public Communication Agency
Terence Seow Managing Director at Bank of Singapore
Mervik Haums Developer & Crypto Enthusiast at IdeaKloud & CoinScannr


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Monday, February 5, 2018

Debitum Network - Create an initial market and facilitator to solve the worldwide credit gap

Capital is very important in running a business. Therefore, every small to medium business is in need of capital from the investors. But in reality, the existence of credit disparities makes small and medium enterprises difficult to develop their business. This problem is a global problem. Therefore, to solve this problem also need a global solution that is with blockchain technology. Blockchain ensures transparency and trust by using smart contracts.

Solution from Debitum network
Money is his solution. Lending money is not as easy as one might imagine. All require the process and the rules. Because lending money is about trust. That is the trust of a financier to a borrower to give a loan which can then be held accountable by a borrower to pay or repay the loan. business confidence is highly emphasized and preferably here. By using a trust-based blockchain solution the Debitum Network ensures the trust required for all partners, especially investors, to operate within the ecosystem.

Debitum Network is an early market maker and facilitator to solve the worldwide credit gap by connecting SMEs with global investors who can rely on services provided by local or regional parties, ie, verification, risk assessment, insurance, debt collection. It is possible to attract global investors to distribute their available capital and attract SME to borrow and finance their growth. However, to make the whole ecosystem truly decentralized, global and self-service providers will be organized into 'communities'. Each community will have a community leader who has an additional function for a community trust arbitration contract.

We believe that community use is the only way to ensure that the required level of control is decentralized and approaches the end customer service that provides partners, borrowers, and investors. At the same time, the design of such organizations gives local and regional communities a great deal of freedom and service providers. We believe that this is the only way to ensure the rapid, efficient and stable growth of the Debitum network.

By combining reliable and efficient block-based fiat and financing operations, Debitum Network ensures high interest from SME and investors. Because borrowing is primarily driven by a belief in the borrower's ability to repay, the Debit Network will ensure that all transactions will be interconnected with smart arbitration trust contracts that will provide an objective trust rating for each single partner as well as the partner community (ie, a community of risk assessors in one country ).

Smart Contract
The inter-related Ethereum Smart contract will allow for the possibility of distributing ownership of process streams managed by various communities. Smart contract standards The Debitum Network will facilitate the flow of settlement between the service provider community, the investor, the fiat facilitator, and the borrower.

Debitum Token (DEB)
Debitum issued a token named Token Debitum, the goal to create a thriving, reliable, independent, and global business financing ecosystem. Debitum Token also works to pay for all services provided. Only those who have Debitum tokens can buy various services via the Debitum Network. 

There are two intrinsic values for Debitum's sign, namely:
  1. 'Value Exchange' as a Debitum token is the only means of payment within the Debitum Network
  2. 'Toll' because all service providers must 'freeze' a number of Debitum tokens to ensure the implementation of future services through mechanisms

So, the existence of Debitum network is very useful for both SME and investors. Therefore, let's join with Debitum to gain mutual success.


Learn more about what we’ve achieved so far, our short-term plans, and what we’ll create together


ICO Crowdsale

Additional tokens will be available for purchase later in line with the Debitum business plan. 


Name Debitum (DEB)
Blockchain Ethereum-based (ERC223) token
Supply 400 million tokens
Deposit Method: Ether (ETH)
Hard cap: 24 000 Ether (ETH)

Round A (Community round)
Round A Started: December 7, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Round A Ended December 21, 2017 at 15:00 GMT
Result 1,2M USD collected

Round B
Round B Starts January 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B Ends February 25, 2018 at 15:00 GMT
Round B cap 20 000 Ether (ETH)


Member Team Mārtiņš Liberts – Co-Founder / VisionaryDonatas Juodelis – Co-Founder / Partner relations
Justas Šaltinis – Co-Founder / Financing operations
Mažvydas Mackevičius – Technology lead / Blockchain technology expert
Märt Lume – Lead product manager
Advisors Eyal Hertzog – Co-Founder of Bancor / Crypto advisor
Tadas Langaitis – Investor relations advisor
Honourable Richard Evans – Investor relations advisor
Andrius Bogdanovičius – Risk assessment advisor
Andrius Nikitinas – International business development advisor
Michael Ricks – Financial services advisor
Peter Howitt – Legal advisor
James Downton – Marketing advisor
Lex Sokolin – Fintech advisor

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

All Public Art (APA) - New technology that combines the art market and blockchain with a unique and eligible business model

In the blockchain world, there are many projects, one of which will be discussed here is "all public art". All Public Art is a startup with new technology combining the art market and blockchain with a unique business model and is qualified to resolve some of the challenges facing international art trade.

All Public Art serves as a liaison between three areas with the tremendous potential of art, blockchain technology and the people who create, sell or buy art. By combining each area into a new arts trade model, All Public Art ensures that the art market is profitable for artists and collectors.


All Public Art serves artists, sellers, collectors, and consumers who want a smooth and easy process to trade art. Blockchain technology offers great potential and is in line with the art market as it enables a peer-to-peer service for artists, sellers, collectors, and consumers while offering sales transparency.

With the All Public Art platform, there is no need to pay commission fees and blockchain technology offers complete transparency for both parties involved in the transaction. All Public Art aims to create a community of people who buy and sell art with the benefits of blockchain technology. All Blockchain technology from Public Art will minimize fake art, build confidence in the art market, improve art trade services and improve economic and social benefits in the global art community.

The ultimate goal and long-term goal of All Public Art is to have All Public Art tokens into a peer-to-peer art market trading tool. For the vision to be achieved in the art market, the All Public Art market has been run. The blockchain art and technology market will merge perfectly because of the combination of the program's basic features:
  1. simple communication
  2. Transparent system
  3. Security and stability guarantees
  4. Empowerment of artists and art collectors
  5. The existence of a support community 
the main components in the All Public Art trade process are:
  1. REGISTRATION: All All Public Art communities must register on the platform. After registering and being able to operate applications such as posting artwork will be rewarded with an APA token.
  2. UNIQUE & SECURITY ID: At the time of registration will receive a unique ID that will be used to authenticate all transactions in the blockchain. There will also be four options for Artwork Security: unique IDs with QR codes, unique IDs embedded on sensitive stickers and holographic stickers, RFID Chips (RF Radio Identification Chips), Micro RFID chips in adhesives applied to artwork
  3. TRADE: When an art collector discovers a work of art they want to trade for evidence of trade, they may immediately click the "Acquire Artwork" button to start trading.
  4. SHIPPING: Shipment of artwork with 2 elected as Fine Art Shipping Affiliates for fine arts, Standard Delivery for small artwork and goods 

Token Sale


Token Pre-Sale Phase

The pre-sales phase will take place from February, 12, 2018 to February, 18, 2018. The purpose of this phase is to build a token sales momentum in no time, and to encourage initial investment.

Minimum Contribution


$15 worth of ETH minimum for Artists 25%
$10.5k worth of ETH 25%
$30k worth of ETH 30%
$150k worth of ETH 35%
$300k worth of ETH 40%


 Token Sale Phase

 The token sale phase will run from February 19, 2018 to March 19, 2018. Early participants will receive bonus tokens to reward them for joining earlier. The sooner you join, the greater the bonus that will be given to you



1st (First) Week 20%
2nd (Second) Week 15%
3rd (Third) Week 10%
4th (Fourth) Week 0%


Team & Advisors

Member Team
Graham Goddard – Founder | CEO
Gustavo Guimarães – Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer
Sabyasachi Saha – CTO | Software Engineer
Rishan Bhagowat – Market Maker | Token Sale Architect
Tineke Zwart – Public Relations
Alisha Bhagowat – Token Sale Operations Manager
Michael Slater – Public Relations
Justin Wu – Growth Marketer
Alaina Simone – Curator at Large
Brad Bulent Yasar – Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC)
Kent Twitchell – Visual Artist
Gregory Rocco – InvestFeed | Augmate
James P. Jalil – Thompson Hine LLP
Cassandra W. Borchers – Thompson Hine LLP
 Chad Anderson  – MT Digital Assets

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