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Sunday, January 28, 2018 - Utilizes the blockchain's immortality to produce the best transparency

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. One of which will be discussed here is named Lina network. is a platform for reviewing on Blockchain, leveraging blockchain immortality to produce the best transparency and create conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easy and interacting directly with users and providers of utterly powerless products or services.

Lina is not just a website but a Blockchain-based platform so everyone can build their own review system to develop communities and manage their own business. All Lina-based review channels are connected globally.


Lina has a token named LINA token. The Lina Platform introduces a hybrid architecture approach, bridging between a public Ethereal chain (public network) and a private block-side transaction service, scalable and scalable for measurable interactions with LINA tokens. The main reasons for not using pure chain architecture are scalability and transaction costs. Ethereal's current networking capabilities do not allow us to launch and scale services globally due to several issues, including:
  1. The Ethereum network is currently theoretically capable of handling about 10 transactions per second, which is clearly not enough to scale millions of users (or even hundreds of thousands of users).
  2. Ethereum transaction confirmation time delayed significantly affecting user experience.
  3. Any transactions on the Ethereum blockade must pay transaction fees on ETH that are likely to be costly and create a limit of adoption for the average user.

The advantages possessed Lina, namely:
  1. Transparency
    The Review and Assessment results are completely transparent to the user and everyone can verify it.
  2. Cannot be manipulated
    Rating and rating scores are decentralized so they can not be forged or manipulated by any third party.
  3. Specific Criteria has introduced a set of criteria applied to more than 20 fields ranging from technology products to medical services.
  4. Improve Ability
    Reviewers and Assistants (Experts) may obtain Lina tokens based on the quality of their contribution, which is assessed by the public.
  5. Hybrid Architecture
    Introducing hybrid architectural approaches, bridging between the public ethereum chain (main net) and good scalable blockchain private transaction services.
  6. Large Helper Network
    We have built a wide and growing professional community around the world.
Therefore, let us join us at for mutual success.





Mitchell Pham Co-Founder
Leigh Flounders Co-Founder
Greg (Zvi) Kushnir Co-Founder
Vu Truong Ca Co-Founder
Mark Pascall Technical Advisor
Paul Salisbury Technical Advisor


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