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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TE - FOOD - An easy-to-carry livestock and food search solution, focusing on emerging markets

In the food supply chain, food (product) moves continuously from producer to consumer through production, processing, distribution, retail and consumer processes; thus, food flows from farm to table. In addition, especially for perishable or decayed food products, the risk of generating waste/losses at each supply chain stage has enormous potential which will further depress the benefits and quality of products in the food supply chain. The success of the food supply chain depends largely on strong and effective interactions between ingredient vendors, contact packaging providers, re-packers, co-manufacturers, and other suppliers.

The basic process of a fresh food supply chain can be decomposed into a series of activities. Their role, activity, and input/output data may vary in different categories, and in different countries. The modular structure of TE-FOOD enables easy adjustment of the process flow, and the data requirements as needed.


TE-FOOD is an easy-to-carry solution of livestock and fresh food, focusing on emerging markets. By 2016, TE-FOOD has been implemented in Vietnam. As a farm-to-desk solution, TE-FOOD traces the goods through the entire supply chain (farms, slaughterhouses, wholesalers, retailers) and provides tools for consumers, supply chain companies and authorities to gain insight into food and food quality.

TE-FOOD provides physical identification tools, mobile and web-based software solutions in the PPP model (low cost or no start-up costs, and long-term contracts). The customers are government, private companies, and professional organizations. TE-FOOD is optimized for emerging markets.
TE-FOOD is a joint project of Hungarian and Vietnamese companies. For international expansion, all rights and activities will be incorporated into a new company TE-FOOD International Ltd. TE-FOOD's main plan in 2018 is the expansion of the international market. Blockchain provides a transparent trust-based solution for international operations. Tokenization with smart contracts eliminates volatility as an integrated financial transaction ledger solution.


The mission of TE-FOOD, are:
  1. make food industry more transparent
  2. democratize access to food-related information as a common property
  3. enable technology to be “authority”
  4. reduce the scale and impact of food epidemics and fraud in developing countries around the world
  5. educate people through the provision of conscious consumer behavior
  6. help small farms to be more competitive



TE-FOOD introduces a utility token called TFOOD, blockchain protocol, and smart contracts that create reliable transaction ledgers to integrate consumers, supply chain participants and authorities within a single ecosystem.
Token name TFOOD
Utility of token TFOOD represents the identity and information data of tracked items. Supply chain members pay with tokens for transactional fees, and value added item information. Consumers are paid for using the Consumer mobile app and read food product QR codes, and can buy quality analysis services.
Total token supply 1,000,000,000 TFOOD
Tokens for sale 400,000,000 TFOOD (40% of total)
List price of TFOOD 1 TFOOD = US$0,05
Token sale volume US$16,000,000


Start 22.02.2018
End 22.03.2018
Bonuses Bonus levels are based on time intervals, and additional volume discounts based on individual transaction values:1st week – 15%
2nd week – 12%
3rd week – 10%
4th week – 5%
Additional bonuses based on individual volume:$100,000 and above – 15%
$20,000 – $99,999 – 10%
$5,000 – $19,999 – 5%
Accepted payment options  ETH, BTC, USD, EUR


Allocation of revenues



Token distribution




Members Dr. Trung Dao Ha – CEOErik Arokszallasi – CEO Marton Ven – CMO
Gergely Koves – Project manager
Katalin Vereczkey – Food industry expert
Dr. Gabor Pajor – Food industry expert
Endre Jobbagy – Blockchain and business consultant
Gabor Nagymajtenyi – BDO Leader, blockchain team
Istvan Szukacs – DevOps, blockchain team
Abraham Endre (Silur) – Chief Architect, blockchain team
Daniel Csendes – Blockchain technology consultant
Tamas Biro – Mobile app developer
Miklos Csaszar – Senior sotware engineer
Gergely Mate – Software developer
Zoltan Vadovics – Software developer
Bence Kadar – Database specialist
Gyorgy Varga – Senior IT infrastrucutre engineer
Jozsef Tatar – IT infrastructure engineer
Advisors Endre Jobbagy – Blockchain and business ConsultantDr. Michael Patching – Independent Animal Welfare and Husbandry Advisor


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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lina.review - Utilizes the blockchain's immortality to produce the best transparency

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. One of which will be discussed here is named Lina network. Lina.review is a platform for reviewing on Blockchain, leveraging blockchain immortality to produce the best transparency and create conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality reviews, as well as easy and interacting directly with users and providers of utterly powerless products or services.

Lina is not just a website but a Blockchain-based platform so everyone can build their own review system to develop communities and manage their own business. All Lina-based review channels are connected globally.


Lina has a token named LINA token. The Lina Platform introduces a hybrid architecture approach, bridging between a public Ethereal chain (public network) and a private block-side transaction service, scalable and scalable for measurable interactions with LINA tokens. The main reasons for not using pure chain architecture are scalability and transaction costs. Ethereal's current networking capabilities do not allow us to launch and scale services globally due to several issues, including:
  1. The Ethereum network is currently theoretically capable of handling about 10 transactions per second, which is clearly not enough to scale millions of users (or even hundreds of thousands of users).
  2. Ethereum transaction confirmation time delayed significantly affecting user experience.
  3. Any transactions on the Ethereum blockade must pay transaction fees on ETH that are likely to be costly and create a limit of adoption for the average user.

The advantages possessed Lina, namely:
  1. Transparency
    The Review and Assessment results are completely transparent to the user and everyone can verify it.
  2. Cannot be manipulated
    Rating and rating scores are decentralized so they can not be forged or manipulated by any third party.
  3. Specific Criteria
    Lina.review has introduced a set of criteria applied to more than 20 fields ranging from technology products to medical services.
  4. Improve Ability
    Reviewers and Assistants (Experts) may obtain Lina tokens based on the quality of their contribution, which is assessed by the public.
  5. Hybrid Architecture
    Introducing hybrid architectural approaches, bridging between the public ethereum chain (main net) and good scalable blockchain private transaction services.
  6. Large Helper Network
    We have built a wide and growing professional community around the world.
Therefore, let us join us at Lina.network for mutual success.





Mitchell Pham Co-Founder
Leigh Flounders Co-Founder
Greg (Zvi) Kushnir Co-Founder
Vu Truong Ca Co-Founder
Mark Pascall Technical Advisor
Paul Salisbury Technical Advisor


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Monday, January 15, 2018

SP8DE - Blockchain-based platform for developing distributed games

SP8DE are created and managed by IOHK scientists, a pioneer in blockchain innovation and cryptographic development, whose goal is to revolutionize the gaming industry. SP8DE goal is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar gambling industry for the first since the creation of the internet. Online i-games are an industry without a future: centralized and Unclear, online casinos that currently exist can only offer silly home sides, uncertainty in payment processing, into and vice versa and the need to rely on randomness generated elsewhere. SP8DE is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed game applications.

SP8DE is built on Ouroboros, the most advanced POS Protocol underlying the Cardano.Proof-Of-Stake blockchain (POS) is efficient in terms of cost and time. Cardano is a beam of progress that shines forward towards the future of distributed applications.

SP8DE are built on a blockchain called Cardano. The Cardano project is a monumental work that embraces the best practices and the farthest innovations to the point of Cryptococcus and packs them into a cutting-edge system.

SP8DE uses Cardano to design its ecosystem and by solving commonly associated problems with on-chain casinos:
  1. Transaction costs and scalability
  2. Generation of random numbers
  3. Scripting language tailored to flexibility and finance
Can be concluded that Cardano is scalable, safe, complex and elegant. With Cardano as the backbone, Spade is set to be the best of its kind.

The advantages of SP8DE are:
  1. No centralization. No one has control over the game. It is open source. And if you want to change the rules, it should be accepted by the public. Hence, the house simply can not make its own rules. It makes it impossible to fool the system.
  2. Transparency. Everyone can see what happens in the game, all recorded publicly in the blockchain. No one can change the data.
  3. Players do not have to wait for banks or credit card companies to agree on their transactions to deposit money and online casinos no longer await these third parties paying their players. Every transaction is almost instant and close to zero by using SPX Tokens. 

Token distribution begins on Friday, December 08, 2017 and ends on Monday, February 12, 2018, and is scheduled. Pre-sale lasts for 14 days while each sales phase will be seven days followed by the Jackpot it is distributed entirely within one day after every sale. As long as additional token Jackpots are given to each Sale participant (including Pre-Sale) - token distributions are randomly generated by different weight factors (see full white paper for details). In short, the first one buys more tokens to be allocated to them - for example, if you buy during Pre-Sale you will receive more evidence during Jackpots I, II, III, and IV; While if you buy during Sales III then you will only receive tokens from Jackpots III and IV. Also, before you buy more "weights" (or an opportunity to take a larger share of Jackpots) your token will be there during the Jackpot phase.

Team & Advisors

Alexey Kashirsky CEO & Co-Founder
Mikhail Krapivnoi CIO & Co-Founder
Evgeny Borchers CVO & Co-Founder
Alexander Baykiev CMO & Co-founder
Sergey Novomlintsev CBDO
Renata Galikbarova Marketing
Dmitry Lipnikov Blockchain Architect
Zhusup Bolotbekov Blockchain Developer & Gaming
Radion Martynsh Sales Manager
Lyubomir Serafimov Operations Advisor
Konstantin Ten Financial Advisor
Artemy Zorin Graphics Design Advisor


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