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Sunday, December 31, 2017

POPULTRADE - Infrastructure system for the realization, supervision, and execution of ideas and business.

Crypto world is no stranger to us. In the scope of the blockchain, there are many ICO projects one of them is popultrade. PopulTrade is a system that offers infrastructure for the realization, control, and execution of ideas and businesses. The PT environment will allow businesses to run from initial ideas to final product sales. Depending on the type of investment, you will get a share of the profits that you can later sell at PT. All processes within the PT group, such as leader selection, member and business judgment, voting for capital allocation, voting for group rules, etc., will be democratically managed using smart contracts.


Popultrade has a token named populcoin. with this PopulCoin, there are some things you can do. that is : 
  1. Pay in restaurants, offline stores, golf courses, pay expertise, consulting, paying jobs, Purchasing articles, services,
  2. Invest in a small, big business or startup, in an idea
  3. Get discounts for articles and services (in bars, shops, e-shops, restaurants)
  4. Invest in a business or idea 5 hours before another investor, get a chance to buy sales / promotional articles or use limited services 2 hours before anyone else.
  5. Advertise in Popultrade or in any Popultrade pair at a lower price.
  6. Access to free activities (parties, meetings, travel) in groups of people with similar interests (Circuls).
  7. If you are part of a token sale, it is possible to start working in Groups of people with similar interests (Circuls) two months before launch
  8. Get Populshares (Populshare is a collection of exclusive rights (business ownership, profits), which belong to the PopulTrade people.
  9. Do trading on the exchange
  10. Use tokens to create smart contracts for jobs, services, cooperation, sales, commerce


Populshare is a virtual representation of shareholding in Circul or business/ideas within Circul. PPS is made as a consequence of the investment that has been made to finance the business or Circul and this allows the proportionate profit sharing generated as a result of a complete effort/idea in Circul.

PPS will be issued based on the amount invested in Populcoins and the contract will be made in the form of a smart contract on the ethereum blockade. The amount of investment in the business or idea can be given to the business/ideas gradually during the business/idea realization process. The allotment of the money invested can be decided by the investor based on the business progress report.

Allotment The profitability of a business transaction is shared among owners of PPS on the basis of ownership and the same principle applies to a basic investment refund. If one person has all the PPS that is in a particular business, this person becomes the owner of that business PPS can be bought in Denario, its value is determined on request and bid and amount of funds. The deciding power is also proportional to the number of Populshare. Anyone who holds more PPS has a stronger voice. When majority ownership is concentrated in one place, business rights are transmitted to PPS owners.

To pay, use services, investments and spend on the PopulTrade system, several payment methods will be available:

  • FIAT currency 
  • Populcoins 
  • Bitcoins 
  • and Ethereum
Popultrade has a vision of creating an intelligent contract for every member/ worker/company Linum in PopulTrade (Circul) with a blockchain. In this way, users can be judged, voted and can create reliable resumes about their benefits and work. This smart contract can then be used not only as a reference in PopulTrade but also in other systems where the same or similar person is needed.


The goal of popultrade is to develop a high-tech system that enables individuals or groups of individuals to embody ideas and business and therefore offer their environment/infrastructure, where ideas/business will evolve from basic ideas to final products and sales. product. This system will allow capital accumulation for ideas/business through daily purchasing activities, ranging from commissions derived from the use of services and business and from revenue generated from the idea/business within the system.

Token details

Each activity in the PT platform will be rewarded with the PT token – the Populcoin. For example, profits from the businesses created in Circuls will be converted into Populcoins. Commissions from each purchase of articles or services will be converted into Populcoins and added to the Popultrade groups (Circuls) for further investments as well as to the users who were involved either by making a purchase, by voting or carrying out a job in the PT groups, etc.

Role of token : Platform payments, services/articles purchases, investments in businesses, discounts, decisional power, etc.
Token supply : 300 millions
Distributed in the crowdsale : 192 millions (64%)
Initial value : 1 Populcoin (PCP) = 0.1 USD
Symbol : PCP
Blockchain : ETH


Crowdsale details

Sale period : 11. December 2017 – 15. January 2018
Accepted currencies : ETH
Minimum goal : $ 1.100.000
Soft cap : $ 8.000.000
Maximum cap : $ 19.200.000
Bonus : 25% – 1%
Tokens on sale : 192.000.000
Unsold tokens policy : Destroyed
How funds are held : Multi-sig wallet held by team council
Sold tokens over the soft cap : Used to finance the marketing after the launch of the PopulTrade, for PR and operational costs but mostly in the Groups of people where businesses and ideas are turned into reality (Circuls).
How funds over the soft cap are held : Funds are held locked in the smart contract in the ether, if after a year from the end of the crowdsale period you are not satisfied with our product you will be able to redeem the tokens and get back your contribution, proportionally minus the soft cap part.
Minimum viable product : Popultrade platform





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writen by : Ludmilla
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