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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Loci - Platform for Intellectual Property Discovery and Mining

LOCIcoin is the original Utilitarian token of Loci. This token can be used to gain full access to Loci products and services. LOCIcoin is an inseparable asset of the InnVenn platform. Its utilities include search blocked and as a single medium for the exchange of IP purchases and sales on the platform.

Loci found, patented and launched InnVenn, a platform that revolutionized R & D. Loci's first patent, "Fuzzy Concept Mapping System and Methods, Voting Ontology Crowd Sourcing, and Technology Prediction," (US9461876), reconstructs the mechanism by which ideas are found and associated with the owner. The Loci user platform is the source of data aggregation for search queries that allow users to recognize new discovery locations and ideas. The process is a patented system built on a unique combination of contextual search, predictive analysis, machine learning, heuristics, Bayesian statistics, and user input. The backend system combines search and refinement while maintaining complete secrecy and security.

Loci's technology analyzes research trends, and by mapping out what is known, Loci can discover what is not and where there may be ways to connect discoveries in new ways or to identify unexpected opportunities to find new products. The gap between the current technology and the undiscovered connection is what Loci calls "empty space." Maybe one-day Loci can predict the interaction between any existing or existing ideas in an effort to create a transparent assessment methodology for all IPs.

InnVenn became a marketplace for the exchange of ideas between inventors and companies or investors who wanted to develop them - all transacted with LOCIcoin. 

The four major components required for patent applications via the USPTO include : 
  1. Technical specifications, including discovery summary, and artificial sketches or concept drawings; 
  2. One or more claims; 
  3. The oath or assertion that its inventors are registered is the first to make the subject matter described and claimed 
  4. The applicable registration fee. 
Patent Protection
Despite recent disruptions in traditional fundraising markets through coin offers an initial coin offerings (ICO), patents or intellectual property protection that they can afford will continue to be needed in any market, wherever the competition exists. Companies need patent protection to ensure the existence of their business that also allows them to control how and where their intellectual property is used. The licensing agreement allows other companies to purchase patented technologies and incorporate them into their own products. Patents are defined as franchises or governmental licenses granting rights or entitlements to a discovery for a specified period of time. It is a monopolistic effect that gives its sole inventor the right to remove others from the manufacture, use or sale of this invention. Those seeking patent protection must prove that their invention has a well-defined, objective purpose, of patented, novel and unclear subject matter. This requires the inventor to spend a lot of time perfecting their discoveries with schematic drawings, tables, graphs, thick definitions, and descriptions. To apply the policy behind the patent doctrine, the specifics should be disclosed to the public as trading with the government to obtain a limited monopoly.


Loci launched the InnVenn platform in February 2017. InnVenn web applications are launched with existing patent data from various published sources, including patents, technical documents and existing products. It is also designed to incorporate new discoveries in search results as they are added to the database. The InnVenn user interface is a Venn diagram that delivers results with unique, multi-layered search features. It is populated with active user disclosure as well as results collected from published sources. InnVenn's ability to run up to four searches simultaneously allows users to focus quickly on existing patents or potential claims. The "white space" between patents and identifiable claims indicates where there is room for further innovation. InnVenn backend is built on statistical calculations and analysis for investment pool opportunities, spatial definitions, ratings and categorization. This technology empowers inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors to look for the next big idea.

Status and Features InnVenn

Thev1.1 fixes help the InnVenn platform to improve its ability to uniquely position new ideas and manage the search process. It contains a new system for managing searches called projects. Users can initiate an unlimited number of projects and can search for different patents and claims in separate projects, organize and search results within each project. Other large improvements allow users to enable and disable primary secondary search keywords. This allows a unique search process where users can clearly identify what results exist in three secondary searches that are not in the main search. It distinguishes InnVenn from every other search process on the market and lets users dig deeper into relevant results. Finally, there is the ability for users to make patent claims within the InnVenn platform. The claims process is designed to be the first step in a temporary patent application and allows users to specify their findings, upload relevant images and select and display a set of stored results that define the claims' claims.

New capabilities with the release of v1.2 is a critical evolution in the InnVenn platform. Posting current disclosure events to the Ethics block is possible and also paying for the process through LOCIcoin and monitoring progress. A DApp is currently in development for a data posted look just inside the platform as well. Also important among UI improvements and processes, is the bidding process where users can place bids for any IP found within the InnVenn platform. This is fundamental to all possible IP exchanges within the platform.


Loci's vision is to create a new global registry and database discovery and transparent discovery system based on the power of blockchain technology. Blockchain has added strength and strength to the technology that underlies the Loci platform and has great potential for revolutionizing IP on a global scale. Smart contracting mechanisms, security models for distributed information, and conservation of stored data embedded in blockchain are what distinguishes the Loci platform. Using Loci blockchain technology provides a platform that marks proof of concept at a specific date and time. While it is unrealistic to believe that the government will adopt a larger vision - where claims can be fully defined at Loci and recorded on blockchain that can be submitted to PTO automatically and received - in the near future, Loci has planned to take advantage of the benefits of this technology and to moving the process of discovery out of the darkness of bureaucracy one step at a time. This plan takes advantage of the 12-month grace period granted by the USPTO to file a patent application after public disclosure.

Loci uses blockchain technology to take the concept to the market more safely, efficiently and effectively

The first step in this process for InnVenn users is to determine if he can prove anything new from his invention and meet the other statutory requirements necessary to start an official patent application. Users may access InnVenn to refine their concept or invention to ensure that the product is independent of any other patented or patentable product. The user then has the option to publicly disclose his claim to an invention. By entering a claim on the InnVenn platform, other inventors within the system are blocked to claim the same space. This crowdsourcing model inevitably allows other InnVenn users to discover genuine user disclosures by finding related ideas. When other users read the disclosure written in InnVenn, Loci creates a third-party verification event that strengthens the disclosure that occurs and can be viewed in general.

The next step in this process is to pack information about disclosure events and verification events to set them up for blockchain. This information includes the unique ID, the date and time of claim-making and disclosure events and the inventor's user ID through KYC as protection against bots. All of these are equipped with the industry standard SHA256 encryption algorithm, and then stored in the Ethereum block.

Currently, proving new things and meeting other requirements necessary to initiate the submission process requires applicants to compare their patents with all other similar disclosures - patents, documents, etc. - that the applicant has found or that the patent office has found, even if they have not published a patent application. Through the blockchain integration process, Loci allows users to track inventive ideas across platforms by tracking and differentiating new from their invention. This can be achieved by building a search that will expose similar concepts.

It's important to note that the InnVenn platform can be used without allowing claims made in systems that are marked as searchable. Even before filing a public claim, adding the concept to the InnVenn system will help an inventor's lawyer initiate a temporary patent process. Lawyers and clients can take advantage of the benefits of stored results that contain previous history and relevant searches to prove new and to directly communicate this information to each other. The system is designed to work with current patent processes and procedures without the use of blockchain technology. As the process of global patent changes, blockchain integration will be the key to the development of investment pools and IP marketplaces, and users will have many incentives to utilize the blockchain's utility mechanism. Users are given the opportunity to continue the betting process because it requires disclosure of events for Loci to sell or license the ideas through our network of purchasing partners irrespective of the patenting process. The blocking stakes will also create an irreversible disclosure proof that can be used to defend an ongoing patent application during a 12-month grace period.

Those who work in industries where an understanding of the landscape of innovation is so important is Loci's primary demography. These include IP lawyers, corporate IP managers, business strategists, investors, inventors, patent designers, and patent offices. It is important to note that anyone with a good idea can benefit from using InnVenn to conduct previously expensive research such as prior art search.

After choosing to enter the Loci database, inventors and discoveries can be found by those in a particular field. As the process is open for viewing, audited, and examined in real time by the experts themselves, Loci has been notified that the database itself is viewed by the USPTO as a general patent database, product, publication and public idea, and so the legitimate location for public disclosure. Thus, the study alone, if sufficiently detailed to be seen as the public disclosure under the law, is used as a prior art form.

Lawyers and legal professionals can use InnVenn as well as inventors. They can also use the same tools for legal research and publication search. This will be an invaluable tool in outlining their client portfolio and strategic acquisitions. The information that was added during the portfolio study helped Loci by defining a previously confidential and complex IP business portfolio network.

The USPTO has been feeling the IP environment pressures that have changed over the years. With industries such as crowdsourcing, machine learning, predictive analysis, and link analysis that are evolving at an unprecedented pace, the ability to compensate clearly falls short. It is unclear how the rules will shape this market in the future, but many experts think that the first "to put forward" or "non-functional" system to find the "will be the first to" be found. "Others are questioning the very survival of the patent system as we know it now." Loci have been preparing for some regulatory changes and have anticipated many scenarios that have been defined and addressed with its own patents. "Loci has many close links with government officials in and around the USPTO and government to learn from and help the legislature.

In addition to domestic and government business trends, global innovation also supports the growth of Loci. In particular, new technological trends such as Cryptococcus, the blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence make people more connected, more relevant data collection, and banking less necessary. This development indicates that the global trading system is rapidly becoming prime due to large-scale disruptions.

  1. Inventor and Entrepreneur
    Inventors and entrepreneurs can utilize Loci's technology to avoid expensive attorneys' fees while doing preliminary research and quickly forming a more appropriate opinion regarding the survival of their patent candidates. It takes only one previous art example to destroy an inventor's dream. Typically, prior art search and patentability cost between $ 2,000 and $ 100,000 resulting in, at most, a comprehensive 70% search. It's not easy to rank relevancy on patents with traditional search techniques. Inventors often owe money to collect the necessary funds to cross the patent process. By using InnVenn, inventors can find usefulness and connections in accordance with previous findings, and discover new applications of their invention. The inventors will also benefit from the faster and safer InnVenn alternatives in generating their intellectual property. 
  2. Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Intellectual property lawyers are important players in the Loci ecosystem and increase the potential of the Loci platform. Using fast and comprehensive Loci search technology, they can save time and money that is usually required for complex and convoluted searches of art and traditional search. Intellectual property law firms and their networks have become the majority of early users of InnVenn. Company intellectual property rights are also the main target group as they will work with Loci as an affiliate to help offer InnVenn to their clients. Because their clients can now use Loci to complete their previous searches and their own new searches and to find patented ideas, law firms to pursue higher high-level litigation and prosecution businesses.
  3. Researcher and Company Analyst
    Businesses around the world spend a lot of resources with failed technologies, internal inefficiencies, litigation, and delays to market. As much as 70 percent of funds allocated to R&D are routinely wasted despite waste and inefficiency. Corporations will save billions of dollars wasted in ineffective R&D using InnVenn to focus and map voids to mature areas for innovations they can focus on, the space between patents identified in the market, known as "white space." This will allow the company to focus on its development strategy instead of documenting inefficient research and potentially leading to high litigation costs. Furthermore, they will be empowered to expand and secure their IP portfolio by offering licenses to inventors who have conducted research and developed products in specific areas they expect to expand.
  4. Investors
    Investors have long wanted to invest in these products and with less risk. Loci's exclusive analysis of the real-time competitive landscape, a market that disrupts technological inventions, and valuations can help investors to significantly leverage their funds more precisely. Investors will be able to efficiently allocate their resources to map spaces with significantly improved market success rates. This is a general statistic that 9 out of every 10 businesses fail within the first year. This encourages investors to stay away from risk, stick with low-risk sales and traction models, or to look for the next big thing
InnVenn allows platform users the ability to place bids on any intellectual property found within InnVenn with LOCIcoin tokens. This includes the claimed invention and the original InnVenn ecosystem as well as existing active patents. Users are required to place maximum bids for intellectual property items of interest. Forbids placed on the featured invention on the platform, Loci will analyze the IP value and contact the invention owner with a valuation at or below the maximum bid. If accepted, Loci will purchase the invention on behalf of the bidder and transfer ownership to the successful bidder. Everything is done anonymously as the owner of the invention and the buyer remains private. For existing patents, Loci will then contact the owner or agent on behalf of the bidders and connect the two sides if there is a common interest. To be clear, Loci will not negotiate and broker deals like this because Loci is not a patent agent.

Consortium & Investment Pool

The consortium is a grouping of inventions or ideas that might be made by collaborative efforts and crowdsourcing. Loci's technology and expertise can also help create a potential consortium by recognizing the relationship between different areas of interest to create a portfolio of technologies and products that have not been discovered before. The investment pool provides investment funds to the consortium. An investment pool is made to contact the inventors, as a consortium, to invest or license the idea to another company. The investment pool is focused, interested in the type of startup or application of specific technologies. An investment pool can allow different types of licensing agreements to be made with the consortium and create two major impacts: First, firms can invest in a discovery that was previously negligible, significantly reducing the cost of corporate R&D. Secondly, inventors can begin to benefit from their discovery more quickly without increasing the capital (or risk) to develop their ideas before they are sold or licensed. It should be noted that the rules will determine the exact level and structure in which the investment pool can operate. Currently, Loci has been approved to sell an overall investment pool at a "speculative market price.

Token Distribution
Token Use Cases

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