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Saturday, December 2, 2017


In the world of blockchain especially for the bounty hunter, not apart from an ICO project. One of which I will discuss here is Artex. Artex is an ICO project that comes from art. Art has existed since ancient times. Art was born from the human self from birth. For example, a newborn baby can begin to imitate in his environment. because it is in line with Aristotle's assertion that art is essentially imitating. The development of the era, the art also increasingly has a broader understanding and circle. Art is very valuable for example a painting. That's a little review of art. Immediately I will discuss the main topic of Artex.

By 2018, the company will revolutionize this market. With the ARTEX project, we will create an artistic catalog where original paintings and photographs are worth up to $ 5,000 (70% of the market consists of works worth less than $ 5,000, less than 1% is a clone) will be taken only through the authenticated gallery; they will be verified by a large expert community. All information about the work will be available in easy-to-use mobile applications where all relevant details (artist, purchase history, previous exhibits, critical evaluations, etc.) will be available.

ARTEX will allow anyone in the market to paint or take photos to use a single click to find all related information - copyright owners, proprietary rights, current location, and controller galleries. Value art cannot be displayed in a simple home or office. Information will be incorporated into the Ethereum blockchain, which is specifically designed to preserve the integrity of the information. Thus, it will eliminate the risk of dishonest merchants who change the information in any way. A completely transparent new market will attract a new generation of investors.

ARTEX will mark a new era of dynamic growth in the art market. Our project will be the main platform for sellers, galleries and buyers who want to ensure security and their artistic authenticity.

What is Artex?
Artex is a platform that will build historical records of art objects, whether in the form of digital images, and items that are important culturally and historically. We will bring together dealers, galleries, art critics, photographers, collectors, investors, and exhibitors on a single platform.

Essentially, the Artex platform includes several services:
1. Unlimited digital photo printing
2. Authentication and sales of artwork 

What are the advantages of our platform? 
  1. It provides a combined record of each artwork transaction
    Now the image buyer can learn about the previous owner. The history of the image always starts with a gallery that has a good reputation. The original authenticity of the image will be determined by a group of accredited experts from around the world.
  2. The creation of a unified but decentralized record for the authentication of artwork using blockchain technology
    Upon completion, our project will create a unified history for every work of art that will completely eliminate the possibility of counterfeiting. All elements in the history will be verified by a group of decentralized experts and jobs that will have immediate records. With our application, each user can directly check the recording, storage, and ownership records of a work. They can also see the number of duplicates that have been made. In addition to a chain of blocks with information for collectors and sellers, investors will have accessible data (descriptions, artists, audio, video and so on) that will automatically be transferred to the museum during the art exhibition.
  3. Secure process, secure transaction, will use Smart Contract to maintain a reliable transaction
    Artex will provide a safe exchange. We use a query mechanism that enables transactions to be completely secure. The process will not complete before being confirmed by a third party. Third parties can be print labs, galleries, or other experts in the blockchain.
  4. Limited circulation of digital artwork.
    Authentication is achieved by the formation of clearly defined groups. This is done in accordance with the Photo Token release, and one photo printing. After the physical copy is released, authentication is authenticated through a three-tier process: keys consisting of drawing code (format, material, coating, size, date and place of release), owner code, and manufacturer code. Imagery can be verified on the phone at any time, but only if all three codes exist. Otherwise, no transaction will be possible.
  5. Copyright protection for photographers
    Artex believes that, in the future, photographers do not need to use courts to prove that they are legitimate copyright owners. The court will receive records confirmed by the blockchain system. This will greatly reduce legal costs, reduce unauthorized duplication, and will legally protect artists.
  6. Cashing in knowledge
    Artex will help the experts (art historians, critics, gallery owners, photographers professionals) to monetize their knowledge and abilities. They will get Art Token through moderation, assessment, and attribution of images and pictures. We plan to use an expert community around the world that has been checked and verified by investors with a reliable professional reputation.

The Artex project will provide the following basic services:1. verification and addition of new photographers;2. verification and addition of new laboratories;3. verification and addition of new galleries;4. promoting unlimited digital printing photos;5. moderation of art;6. promote the use of Safe Agreements and Arbitration;7. make necessary changes to the system.Token in PlatformIn the Artex ecosystem, Art-token is the primary payment instrument for both the professional community and for system users.Professional Use of Tokens in the System:
  • attribution payments (expert judgment) of a work of art 
  • verification laboratory gallery and or photo
  • payment for exhibition organization services;
  • payment for art promotion services;
  • tokening of artwork;
  • payment for photo lab services;
  • payment for escrow service.

Use of Tokens in the system by Investors:
  • purchase artwork or parts thereof (through tokens);
  • participation in closed art events and opening day;
  • Exclusive offer for artists and galleries;
  • buy preferential tickets to visit exhibitions and museums;
  • payment for gallery services to select and promote art portfolios;
  • choose system changes

Taking into account the total capitalization of the art market reached $ 50 billion. a year, it is enough for ARTEX to transfer a few percent of the art market into the blockchain at least to double the funds invested in the next three years. Taking into account the needs (confirmed by major marketing studies) to introduce the blockchain platform to the art market, the potential for blockchain exceeds 50% within the next 5 to 10 years. In addition, the fastest growing market segment - photography ($1.2 - $1.5 billion.) - has not been outside the attention zones of other blockchain projects that are different from the creators of the ARTEX project.The monetization model is built on the experience and fascination of the masses in their own internet projects in various segments. The total trade flow of the 35photo project,, 35awards, and, united by the owners to different levels, exceed 1,000,000 people per month. Estimated project capitalization is $1.2mln. - $1.8mln (based on annual turnover and project profitability).

Token Pre Sale and Sale Token
Pre Sales
Pre-sale tokens are the early stages of Crowdsale.
  • Artex smart contract publish Art Token, with a limited amount During the sale of Token before the maximum collection amount of $ 900,000 after the achievement of which token issued will stop. 
  • Token will be sold at a fixed price in US dollars of $ 10 = 130 Art tokens.
  • Purchase will be affected by Ethereum transfer to smart contract address.
  • At this stage, investors will benefit from a 30% bonus compared to the Token sales stage
Sales Token
Sales Token is the main stage Crowdsale.
ARTEX GLOBAL's smart contract makes an initial publication of Art Token, with a limited amount of Token sales until the maximum amount collected is $15,000,000, which ultimately the attainment of the issued token will cease.

Token will be sold at a fixed price in US dollars according to the following system:
$ 1,000 - $ 5,000 = bonus 3%
$ 5,000 - $ 10,000 = 5% bonus
$ 10,000 - $ 50,000 = 10% bonus
$ 50,000 - $ 100,000 = 15% bonus
$ 100,000 more = 20% bonus

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