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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Datecoin - The first dating service uses blockchain technology


Dating is identical to the name of the couple. To reinforce a sense of connection requires good communication and synergistic relationships. Therefore, dating is one of the activities to strengthen relationships in pairs. In the blockchain world, there is an ICO project related to online dating called Datecoin.

DateCoin is the next step in successful project development, launched in 2015. Its predecessor, the Denim dating service, is the pragmatic dating market leader in Russia today, with a fast-growing audience and high average revenue per user. The DateCoin project is implemented by a team of experienced professionals in launching lucrative dating services. DateCoin is a synergy of artificial intelligence and effective business modelling for pragmatic dating services. The DTC buyback algorithm turns tokens into a clear and easy-to-use investment tool. DTC holders can sell their tokens on the secondary market, or offer them for mandatory repurchase by DateCoin. Up to 20% of project revenues will be issued monthly for this purpose, which will affect the DTC price positively.

  1. We are creating a world-class product that differs favorably from all existing dating services.
  2. DateCoin project is implemented by professional team experienced in launching of profitable dating service.
  3. DateCoin is the synergy of artificial intelligence and effective business modeling for pragmatic dating service.
  4. DateCoin Tokens (DTC) is the key to the best girls all over the world under special conditions.
  5. DTC buyback algorithm turns a token into clear and convenient investment tool. 
Our project Denim has been featured in 
Industry problems that we solve 
  • Low efficiency in finding a matching partner. The user wastes a bunch of time looking through boring profiles
  • Fake photos and accounts of non-existing girls, unreliable personal information
  • Hidden subscriptions and payments that drain the money from users cards
  • Weak cybersecurity of the services, confidential data leaks due to successful hacking attacks
"DateCoin creates a new reality of online dating, combining advanced, proven technologies and fruitful dating experience"
DateCoin is a dating service that uses artificial neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms to be fruitful and secure dating worldwide. 

  • Smart pairing based on artificial neural networks and favourite facial recognition technology of users 
  • User's intellectual verification system based on image recognition to fix fake profile issues 
  • The semantic and morphological dialogue analysis algorithms will help determine the most appropriate female audience choices based on the tastes and interests of male users. 
  • End-to-end encryption from user data and internal chats for maximum cybersecurity 
  • Use of blockchain to raise funds and, implement a clear sales algorithm of buyback tokens
DTC buyback
DateCoin gives DTC holders the opportunity to sell  tokens in the buyback program

Token Generation Event
DTCs are Ethereum based tokens. They are sold in Ether and BitCoin smart contracts in several steps. The price of DTC is nominated in Ether and 1 DTC=0.00025 ETH 
Fund disclosure

Depending on the volume of funds raised, we plan three scenarios for project development. In the most intensive scenario, the audience of our application will reach 20 million users in 29 countries by 2021. The active expansion of the project around the world will require significant costs for marketing and product promotion. 


The DateCoin team has strong competencies and extensive experience in development of modern IT projects, use of intelligent systems and UX design, as well as in successful product positioning and sales. Today, our professional team has more than 20 staff members qualified for Internet marketing, design and development, artificial intelligence and big data processing, etc

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