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Friday, December 22, 2017

Crypterium - The revolutionary digital cryptobank

This time I will discuss an ICO project called Crypterium. Essentially, Crypterium is like a conventional bank that creates features or services to improve quality. However, Crypterium is unlike conventional mobile banks that take weeks to process and issue cards, Crypterium Cryptobank provides instant processing machines for currency transactions based on fiat and crypto while allowing for a change between the two. With digital bank customers Crypterium can finally use crypto to pay for unlimited fiat-based and low-cost commissions at one of 42 million payment terminals in the world and many online stores and payment points. Another advantage is the loyalty and cashback program for each transaction that increases cashback for the token holder, the option of payment without contact.


Crypterium is building Cryptobank 2.0 for the Cryptocurrency era. People will be able to store, spend, exchange and later borrow practically any Cryptocurrency in the same way as they could any other currency, but in a quicker, cheaper and more secure environment than it is possible in any traditional bank or fiat currency. The Cryptobank will be the decentralized core that interlocks the restricted financial world we live in today and a future Cryptoeconomy with limitless borderless opportunities 

Most of the technology for this financial revolution already exists: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay; the world’s biggest banks and payment platforms have already installed more than 42 million contactless payment terminals throughout the world, a number that is growing rapidly.

Crypterium will take full advantage of this global contactless phenomenon, but instead of using it for traditional payment cards using fiat currencies, we will use it for cryptocurrencies through personal smartphones. We can skip generations of dedicated development by some of the biggest companies in the world, and adapt that technology to the Cryptocurrency Era within months, or years, but definitely, not decades. is aimed on commence operations by delivering one of the best Cryptocurrency mobile banking payment application available today. As adoption increases, additional services are intended to be added.

Crypterium Platform

Platform teknologi Crypterium berkembang berdasarkan algoritma yang memungkinkannya sangat efisien yang sesuai dengan aliran peer-to-peer alami juga kripto pihak ketiga. Ini akan segera di ikuti oleh berbagai layanan yang gratis dari pembayaran Peer to Peer sederhana ke pinjaman yang didukung Cryptocurrency. 


Crypterium token CRPT – is the core of all transactions made in Crypterium banking platform. No payment can be conducted without CRPT, its main goal, regulated by smart-contract, is to stimulate tokenholders to use Crypterium in their daily life, and to attract new users to Crypterium. The only issue of CRPT tokens will be during the ICO, which in fact is the pre-sale of Crypterium services usage opportunity. Crypterium in future is planning to list its tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges to enlarge userbase and fulfil users’ expectations to provide the most comprehensive services.

Details of Token Sales

Sales Schedule Token 31 October 2017
Purchase Ethereum, Bitcoin
Price Token1 CRPT = 0.0001 BTC
Bonus -
Total Supply 300.000.000 CRPT


Members       Steven Polyak - Managing Director, Co-founder
Austin Kimm - IR Director, Co-founderGleb Markov - COO, Co-founder
Vladimir Gorbunov - CCO, Co-founder
Pavel Rasputin - CMO
Nick Evdokimov - Strategy Director
Dimitriy Fomin - CTO, Head of Security & QA
Ilya Churakov - Video Producer
Simon Sergeev - Head of Support & Communications
George Ermakov - Strategy Development Manager
Igor Tszyan-Nyn-Tsay - Head of Law & Regulation
Ruff Rubaker - Аrt Director
Ivan Vasiliev - Senior R&D Engineer
Igor Semenchenko - Lead Mathematician, Senior Architect Developer
Advisor Keith Teare - Executive Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures
Elie Galem - Chief Investment Officer at Eastmore Group
Katrina Arden - Founder of Blockchain Law Group
Fabio Tamburrano - Experienced CFO, General Director and current Board Member of Coeclerici Spa Russia
Roger Crook - CEO of Capital Springboard
Andras Kristof - CTO at Yojee, Founder and CEO of Fembusa Terminals Pte Ltd x
Mike Raitsyn - Founder of ICObox
Julian L. Zegelman - Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC

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