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Monday, December 25, 2017

Cryogen - Maintaining the functional integrity of living organisms by cryopreservation

Currently, Europe has a very high demand for cryonics, and even now about 25% of KrioRus contracts end with customers from Western Europe. The Russian development of Cryogen will strengthen the position of KrioRus in Russia with the opening of new cryo center around Moscow as well as by accelerating the development of the most affordable and efficient nano-criptonic technology.

Cryogen has a unique opportunity to become a world leader in providing space anabiosis services. Cryogen is in the process of creating a reversible cryopreservation technology for organs and developing cryo-banking for transplantation purposes. Over time, cryobank will store organs and tissues that grow from stem cells or be made through 3D bioprinting. Cryogen will be the undisputed leader in the cryonics industry in Europe and most likely in Eurasia. Switzerland was chosen as the base of the project's global headquarters, not by chance.

The CryoGen Project aims to improve and maintain the functional integrity of living organisms by cryopreservation, which has not been able to reverse death, but temporarily stabilizes the condition.

Cryonic and Cryobiology

Cryonics is a low-temperature preservation (typically at -196 ° C) people who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, in the hope that full health resuscitation and restoration will be possible in the distant future. cryonicists hope that medical advances will one day allow the cryopreservation people to be revived. Cryonic procedures should ideally begin within minutes of a heart attack and use cryoprotectants to prevent ice formation during cryopreservation. The cryonics technology is based on cryobiology.

Cryobiology studies how clotting processes affect biological objects. The ultimate goal is to develop technology for a prolonged but reversible life suspension using ultra-low temperatures.

At the end of the 20th century, cryobiology has achieved significant success in the preservation of various cell suspensions, but not in the preservation of tissues and organs. recently, some progress has been made. By 2013, Arigos Biomedical (USA) achieves an ideal (but not softened) freeze from pig liver. Also in 2017.

For cryonics, the most important issue is the preservation of the human brain. Brain tissue is the most vulnerable and highly susceptible to ischemia among all biological tissues. and this development became the basis of the vitreological Cryonic method for Alcor, a famous American. cryonics organization. Also during 2005-2007, the same team solved the rodent brain vitality task and scientists for the first time achieved 65% survival of brain tissue after treatment.


The mission of Cryogen is to give others the opportunity to extend their lives by using advanced technology, such as cryonics. Currently, too little scientific resources and research funds are allocated to study cryonics technology.

The goal of the CryoGen project is to draw the attention of the world’s scientific community to this technology, to stimulate fundamental research and create a truly safe liquefaction technology. The results obtained during this work can be used to dramatically improve the quality and longevity of people around the world.

Crypto economic breakthroughs provide opportunities for breakthroughs in science, because of the people’s investment mechanism, which allows withdrawing funds to projects 2 or 3 times faster than through the classic cycle of investment mechanisms.

Sales and distribution of CryoGen coins

CRYO Token is a utility token, which gives access to CryoGen services from CryoStore, which allows you to purchase all services available from the company


CryoGen receives support and participation from various stakeholders in the success and development of this project, of which there are three stages of participation, among others: The first stage is Personal Placement which begins on 17 October to 9 November 2017 which interested parties must send email or cryogenico2017 @ or fill out the application through a user's personal account at The second stage is Pre ICO which starts on November 7, 2017, until November 21, 2017, which at this stage will be launched around 500,000 tokens. The Third Stage of ICO Sales beginning on the Date will be determined by pre-ICO sales results in December or January
Team and Advisors 

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