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Sunday, December 31, 2017

AMLT by Coinfirm - Establish open global standards for cryptocurrency transparency

Technology in the digital field is growing very rapidly. Many products are popping up. One of the real things of the digital world in the crypto world is the cryptocurrency market. In the crypto world, many of the projects being run are AMLT's one that provides access to a secure and transparent blockchain economy that protects against potential risks and enables commercial adoption and growth.


AMLT is a token for prepaid products and access rights to AML / CTF Coinfirm network that is already vibrant. Network members receive AMLTs to provide assessments and information on specific addresses, these are the fuels that make the system democratic and contrary to arbitrary circumstances. AMLT enables compliance and transparency in all transaction situations, helping the entire ecosystem become safer and connected to the global economy. AMLT builds a secure and democratic network that provides transparency to the world of cryptocurrency, aiding the complaint with a number of regulatory requirements.

The advantages of AMLT are as the key liaison at Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security to protect themselves, their customers. AMLT also helps market participants access data about risks associated with virtual currency. AMLT brings efficiency and effectiveness of AML / KKP compliance and democratization to global market players. AMLT users will help define good and bad performers with precision beyond the reach of the current financial system. 

AMLT goal is to build an open global standard for crypto transparency and bring them to the mainstream in a safe, efficient and effective way.

Although the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform accepts payments in fiat and other cryptocurrencies, it is intended that activity in the Platform will eventually be performed primarily using AMLT and all purchases of AML Risk reports will be performed using AMLT. The principal purpose of a AMLT is therefore to operate as an ‘in-app token’ and an ‘access token’ that grants users access to the Coinfirm Platform and the services provided therein.  AMLT will also offer discounts on fees charged within the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform.

Token Detail

Token sale 210,000,000 Available in crowdsale
Data rewards pool for network members 120,000,000 Distributed monthly through the existence of smart contract
Founding Team 10% With lockup period
Advisors 2%
Rewards for referrals 1%
Dev team and bonuses 4% With lockup period
Charity 0,50%
Total Tokens to be generated in smart contract 400,000,000

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