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Sunday, December 31, 2017

AMLT by Coinfirm - Establish open global standards for cryptocurrency transparency

Technology in the digital field is growing very rapidly. Many products are popping up. One of the real things of the digital world in the crypto world is the cryptocurrency market. In the crypto world, many of the projects being run are AMLT's one that provides access to a secure and transparent blockchain economy that protects against potential risks and enables commercial adoption and growth.


AMLT is a token for prepaid products and access rights to AML / CTF Coinfirm network that is already vibrant. Network members receive AMLTs to provide assessments and information on specific addresses, these are the fuels that make the system democratic and contrary to arbitrary circumstances. AMLT enables compliance and transparency in all transaction situations, helping the entire ecosystem become safer and connected to the global economy. AMLT builds a secure and democratic network that provides transparency to the world of cryptocurrency, aiding the complaint with a number of regulatory requirements.

The advantages of AMLT are as the key liaison at Blockchain, helping businesses to ensure transparency and security to protect themselves, their customers. AMLT also helps market participants access data about risks associated with virtual currency. AMLT brings efficiency and effectiveness of AML / KKP compliance and democratization to global market players. AMLT users will help define good and bad performers with precision beyond the reach of the current financial system. 

AMLT goal is to build an open global standard for crypto transparency and bring them to the mainstream in a safe, efficient and effective way.

Although the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform accepts payments in fiat and other cryptocurrencies, it is intended that activity in the Platform will eventually be performed primarily using AMLT and all purchases of AML Risk reports will be performed using AMLT. The principal purpose of a AMLT is therefore to operate as an ‘in-app token’ and an ‘access token’ that grants users access to the Coinfirm Platform and the services provided therein.  AMLT will also offer discounts on fees charged within the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform.

Token Detail

Token sale 210,000,000 Available in crowdsale
Data rewards pool for network members 120,000,000 Distributed monthly through the existence of smart contract
Founding Team 10% With lockup period
Advisors 2%
Rewards for referrals 1%
Dev team and bonuses 4% With lockup period
Charity 0,50%
Total Tokens to be generated in smart contract 400,000,000

For more information, please click on the link below

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POPULTRADE - Infrastructure system for the realization, supervision, and execution of ideas and business.

Crypto world is no stranger to us. In the scope of the blockchain, there are many ICO projects one of them is popultrade. PopulTrade is a system that offers infrastructure for the realization, control, and execution of ideas and businesses. The PT environment will allow businesses to run from initial ideas to final product sales. Depending on the type of investment, you will get a share of the profits that you can later sell at PT. All processes within the PT group, such as leader selection, member and business judgment, voting for capital allocation, voting for group rules, etc., will be democratically managed using smart contracts.


Popultrade has a token named populcoin. with this PopulCoin, there are some things you can do. that is : 
  1. Pay in restaurants, offline stores, golf courses, pay expertise, consulting, paying jobs, Purchasing articles, services,
  2. Invest in a small, big business or startup, in an idea
  3. Get discounts for articles and services (in bars, shops, e-shops, restaurants)
  4. Invest in a business or idea 5 hours before another investor, get a chance to buy sales / promotional articles or use limited services 2 hours before anyone else.
  5. Advertise in Popultrade or in any Popultrade pair at a lower price.
  6. Access to free activities (parties, meetings, travel) in groups of people with similar interests (Circuls).
  7. If you are part of a token sale, it is possible to start working in Groups of people with similar interests (Circuls) two months before launch
  8. Get Populshares (Populshare is a collection of exclusive rights (business ownership, profits), which belong to the PopulTrade people.
  9. Do trading on the exchange
  10. Use tokens to create smart contracts for jobs, services, cooperation, sales, commerce


Populshare is a virtual representation of shareholding in Circul or business/ideas within Circul. PPS is made as a consequence of the investment that has been made to finance the business or Circul and this allows the proportionate profit sharing generated as a result of a complete effort/idea in Circul.

PPS will be issued based on the amount invested in Populcoins and the contract will be made in the form of a smart contract on the ethereum blockade. The amount of investment in the business or idea can be given to the business/ideas gradually during the business/idea realization process. The allotment of the money invested can be decided by the investor based on the business progress report.

Allotment The profitability of a business transaction is shared among owners of PPS on the basis of ownership and the same principle applies to a basic investment refund. If one person has all the PPS that is in a particular business, this person becomes the owner of that business PPS can be bought in Denario, its value is determined on request and bid and amount of funds. The deciding power is also proportional to the number of Populshare. Anyone who holds more PPS has a stronger voice. When majority ownership is concentrated in one place, business rights are transmitted to PPS owners.

To pay, use services, investments and spend on the PopulTrade system, several payment methods will be available:

  • FIAT currency 
  • Populcoins 
  • Bitcoins 
  • and Ethereum
Popultrade has a vision of creating an intelligent contract for every member/ worker/company Linum in PopulTrade (Circul) with a blockchain. In this way, users can be judged, voted and can create reliable resumes about their benefits and work. This smart contract can then be used not only as a reference in PopulTrade but also in other systems where the same or similar person is needed.


The goal of popultrade is to develop a high-tech system that enables individuals or groups of individuals to embody ideas and business and therefore offer their environment/infrastructure, where ideas/business will evolve from basic ideas to final products and sales. product. This system will allow capital accumulation for ideas/business through daily purchasing activities, ranging from commissions derived from the use of services and business and from revenue generated from the idea/business within the system.

Token details

Each activity in the PT platform will be rewarded with the PT token – the Populcoin. For example, profits from the businesses created in Circuls will be converted into Populcoins. Commissions from each purchase of articles or services will be converted into Populcoins and added to the Popultrade groups (Circuls) for further investments as well as to the users who were involved either by making a purchase, by voting or carrying out a job in the PT groups, etc.

Role of token : Platform payments, services/articles purchases, investments in businesses, discounts, decisional power, etc.
Token supply : 300 millions
Distributed in the crowdsale : 192 millions (64%)
Initial value : 1 Populcoin (PCP) = 0.1 USD
Symbol : PCP
Blockchain : ETH


Crowdsale details

Sale period : 11. December 2017 – 15. January 2018
Accepted currencies : ETH
Minimum goal : $ 1.100.000
Soft cap : $ 8.000.000
Maximum cap : $ 19.200.000
Bonus : 25% – 1%
Tokens on sale : 192.000.000
Unsold tokens policy : Destroyed
How funds are held : Multi-sig wallet held by team council
Sold tokens over the soft cap : Used to finance the marketing after the launch of the PopulTrade, for PR and operational costs but mostly in the Groups of people where businesses and ideas are turned into reality (Circuls).
How funds over the soft cap are held : Funds are held locked in the smart contract in the ether, if after a year from the end of the crowdsale period you are not satisfied with our product you will be able to redeem the tokens and get back your contribution, proportionally minus the soft cap part.
Minimum viable product : Popultrade platform




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Friday, December 29, 2017

DIMENSIONS NETWORK - A financially sustainable approach to trade and development of cryptocurrency

Dimensions Network approaches the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a business-centric and operative manner. Focus on research and innovation that will produce tangible results with the progress of recent years. A combined 2016 report from Coinbase and ARK Invest estimates that 54% of Coinbase users use the largest bitcoin, cryptocurrency, strictly as an investment.

The dimension network publishes a strikeCoin (STC) token currently available for purchase with Ethereum.Strike Coin token (STC) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to perform a number of functions. Originally the token will be used to distribute rewards to our token holder. The 15% share of trading fees generated by Dimensions Network will be shared with the token holder as a gift. dimensions Network supports the standard pair of coins, Options, Futures Contracts, and Exchange aggregator. Dimensions Network will expand services to a decentralized network, and offer secure cryptographic derivative trading and ultimately become a real-time transactional currency.

vision and mission

Dimensions Network has vision such as:
  1. build and operate the most professional crypto trading platform, with services ranging from coin pairs to options, futures, and other derivatives. 
  2. Establish yourself as a leading centralized and decentralized trading platform within the crypto ecosystem with an interconnected pool of liquidity. 
  3. Disrupt the fiat currency system by using innovation as well as striving to build real-time recursion crypto with global reach and accessibility to the masses. 
The mission of Dimensions Network is a financially sustainable approach to trading and cryptographic development and to address key technical and industrial challenges faced by the crypto industry.
  • Constantly survey the market and stand on giant shoulders while building our platform. 
  • Use systems and software used by major banks to achieve the scalability and redundancy of our trading platform. 
  • Follow industry-wide lessons where possible.
  • Provide centralized and decentralized solutions, and connect them together to provide customers with the best choices and experiences. 
  • Operating a business will give us valuable market insights and market relationships with our customers. DImensions Network will use this information to develop technologies and products that meet the needs of our customers. 
  • Dimensions Network will leverage our advantage to develop our platform, which will enhance the strength of our platform and give us a competitive edge.
  •  Target developments that produce immediate, definite and positive impact on our revenue, and do not reinvent the wheel or remove valuable resources when there is an open source solution available. 

Centralized vs Decentralized Platform

Critical limitations for the current decentralization exchange are limited trade speed and blocking capacity; Lack of liquidity is only a consequence of the limitations of existing networks.

There are many projects that work to improve the decentralization of trade exchanges and build second-layer solutions to address the trading speed and blockchain capacity. There is even a project to build a decentralized Hedge Fund in the form of Melonport.

Dimensions Network is building the centralized exchange and decentralized exchanges and will link them together to build hybrid platforms where users can choose how to interact with platforms based on their preferences.

Exchange Aggregator 

The main requirement to attract institutional clients to this platform is to have the best market liquidity. For this purpose, Dimensions Network will build Aggregator that connects these platforms to all major exchanges through their APIs and adds their liquidity to our own account.
Dimensions Network will provide the FIX API for these users to connect to a Dimensions Network exchange or a primary exchange for their order. Also, users can use the FIX API to indicate whether they want the best price for their order or use a specific exchange to run the order. 

Trading Engine

The trading machine is written in Erlang to allow for maximum availability and scalability. "Erlang is a programming language used to build large, scalable, real-time soft systems with high availability requirements, some of which are in telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and instant messaging.
The Erlang runtime system has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. The trading machine consists of matching machines for each financial instrument. Where each matching engine runs as a node under the umbrella of the exchange.

Initially, the exchange will support the following types of orders:
  • Market demand 
  • Limit orders 
  • Stop Loss
  •  Stop Limit
  •  Trailing Stop Loss
  •  Trailing Stop Limit


Strike Coin (STC) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to carry out a number of functions. Initially the token will be used to distribute rewards to our token holders. A 15% share of the trading fees generated by Dimensions Network will be shared with our token holders as a reward.

Critical Dates:

Token Sale Start 24 Jan 2018 06:00 (UTC)
Token Sale Finish 24 Feb 2018 06:00 (UTC)

Token Supply:

Token Name Strike Coin
Token Symbol STC
Target Contribution 150,000 ETH
Maximum Token Supply 240,000,000 STC
Exchange Rate 1 ETH : 800 STC
Currencies Accepted ETH
Restricted Countries China, Singapore, USA

Token Distribution:

Token Sale 60 %
Business Partnerships and Advisors 20 %
Founders (2 year token lock up) 10 %
Employee Incentives 10 %



Name Position Links
Stephen Mullens Co Founder – CEO
Stephen Mullens LinkedIn Link
Rin Chwe Me Co Founder – COO
Rin Chwe Me LinkedIn Link
Manu Datta Co Founder – CTO
Manu Datta LinkedIn Link
Navneet Kumar Core Developer
Jensen Ng Kian Sheng Developer. Java, C++
Tan Wee Ching Developer. C, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, SQL
Suba Shiniie UI / UX. HTML, AngulaJS, Angula2, PHP, Java, Java Script, Knockout, Laravel
Glynn Farrow Blockchain Advisor
Glynn Farrow LinkedIn Link
Denny Oh Corporate Investment Advisor
Denny Oh LinkedIn Link

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Cryogen - Maintaining the functional integrity of living organisms by cryopreservation

Currently, Europe has a very high demand for cryonics, and even now about 25% of KrioRus contracts end with customers from Western Europe. The Russian development of Cryogen will strengthen the position of KrioRus in Russia with the opening of new cryo center around Moscow as well as by accelerating the development of the most affordable and efficient nano-criptonic technology.

Cryogen has a unique opportunity to become a world leader in providing space anabiosis services. Cryogen is in the process of creating a reversible cryopreservation technology for organs and developing cryo-banking for transplantation purposes. Over time, cryobank will store organs and tissues that grow from stem cells or be made through 3D bioprinting. Cryogen will be the undisputed leader in the cryonics industry in Europe and most likely in Eurasia. Switzerland was chosen as the base of the project's global headquarters, not by chance.

The CryoGen Project aims to improve and maintain the functional integrity of living organisms by cryopreservation, which has not been able to reverse death, but temporarily stabilizes the condition.

Cryonic and Cryobiology

Cryonics is a low-temperature preservation (typically at -196 ° C) people who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, in the hope that full health resuscitation and restoration will be possible in the distant future. cryonicists hope that medical advances will one day allow the cryopreservation people to be revived. Cryonic procedures should ideally begin within minutes of a heart attack and use cryoprotectants to prevent ice formation during cryopreservation. The cryonics technology is based on cryobiology.

Cryobiology studies how clotting processes affect biological objects. The ultimate goal is to develop technology for a prolonged but reversible life suspension using ultra-low temperatures.

At the end of the 20th century, cryobiology has achieved significant success in the preservation of various cell suspensions, but not in the preservation of tissues and organs. recently, some progress has been made. By 2013, Arigos Biomedical (USA) achieves an ideal (but not softened) freeze from pig liver. Also in 2017.

For cryonics, the most important issue is the preservation of the human brain. Brain tissue is the most vulnerable and highly susceptible to ischemia among all biological tissues. and this development became the basis of the vitreological Cryonic method for Alcor, a famous American. cryonics organization. Also during 2005-2007, the same team solved the rodent brain vitality task and scientists for the first time achieved 65% survival of brain tissue after treatment.


The mission of Cryogen is to give others the opportunity to extend their lives by using advanced technology, such as cryonics. Currently, too little scientific resources and research funds are allocated to study cryonics technology.

The goal of the CryoGen project is to draw the attention of the world’s scientific community to this technology, to stimulate fundamental research and create a truly safe liquefaction technology. The results obtained during this work can be used to dramatically improve the quality and longevity of people around the world.

Crypto economic breakthroughs provide opportunities for breakthroughs in science, because of the people’s investment mechanism, which allows withdrawing funds to projects 2 or 3 times faster than through the classic cycle of investment mechanisms.

Sales and distribution of CryoGen coins

CRYO Token is a utility token, which gives access to CryoGen services from CryoStore, which allows you to purchase all services available from the company


CryoGen receives support and participation from various stakeholders in the success and development of this project, of which there are three stages of participation, among others: The first stage is Personal Placement which begins on 17 October to 9 November 2017 which interested parties must send email or cryogenico2017 @ or fill out the application through a user's personal account at The second stage is Pre ICO which starts on November 7, 2017, until November 21, 2017, which at this stage will be launched around 500,000 tokens. The Third Stage of ICO Sales beginning on the Date will be determined by pre-ICO sales results in December or January
Team and Advisors 

For More Info Please Visit Link Below

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Envion - The fleet of Mobile Mining Units is very flexible and operates globally with the most efficient power source on the planet

Envion is the only global mining operation, unaffected by issues such as energy price spikes, hardware deficiencies, government problems or fixed and stationary locations. Envion against centralization. Envion also has access to the world's lowest energy source. Envion makes access to the smallest free transformer/inverter station on the planet. Envion has developed a Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) system that can utilize electricity directly at the source: hydroelectric power, wind power, wind power, and fossils in every corner of the planet.

How does it work ??
The physical precondition for most blockchain applications is the globally distributed "miner" network that provides hardware for intensive calculation of algorithms that secure blockchain transactions. Mining depends on easy and measurable access to low-cost electricity

Mobile Mining Units
The highly flexible and globally operated Mobile Mining Units fleet with the most efficient power source on the planet, managed and monitored by software solutions. This technology not only provides a competitive advantage for ENVION but also strengthens the decentralized, flexible and robust infrastructure needed by the blockchain industry.

The advantages of envion are:
  1. Global Smart Control Network
    Envion has developed a global intelligent control network that performs real-time optimization and monitoring for local mining units
  2. Real-Time Monitoring
    Environmental data, mining performance, and applications for various crypto & other use cases.
  3. Real-Time Connection
    Connected to the exchange of electricity, real-time pricing information and exchange of cryptocurrency.
  4. Prediction constantly
    Selection of the best cryptocurrencies & use cases per MMU. Optimize hardware lifecycle.
  5. Real-Time Optimization
    Optimizes the weights given in primary / secondary cryptocurrency (dual-mining).

The Mobile Mining Unit Concept

Ultimate Mobility: Directly deployed at energy sources anywhere in the world Unique Cooling System: Unprecedented efficiency
Ready to Rumble: Full automation guarantees instant mining once connected to power source
Key Advantages: Flexible, Scalable, Modular, Decentralized, Maintainable

Mechanical Properties

20ft Sea ContainerStandardized, internationally accepted standard housing, certified and proven design, seaworthy.
Puristic DesignDue to its standardized dimensions, our units are designed to be transported by virtually any vehicle (road truck, vessel, train) capable of transporting 20 or 40 ft containers (TEU/FEU).
StackabilityBased on stackable standard containers, our units can be stacked on top of each other to form a powerful, functional array: A stack of 2x3x3 units can be deployed in less than an hour, requires a mere 100 Sq m of floor space and provides an energy conversion of about 1 Megawatt. A stack can share infrastructure features such as satellite / 4G uplinks.
Built to LastBuilt from best established Corten steel, harsh climate conditions and corrosion are not a problem anymore as this type of steel was originally developed for use without paint. Also known as “weathering steel”, this material rapidly develops a patina of iron oxide, which protects the steel from further corrosion.
Readily rearrangeableUsing a standard forklift truck, our units can be rearranged any time. For example, if used as an auxiliary heater in a warehouse or greenhouse, the units can be moved in- and outside as required by the season. For heating warehouses or industrial halls, the units can be moved from one place to another depending on the required local air temperatures. Additionally, the units can be moved between transformer stations inside industrial buildings to ensure the best use of spare capacities and avoid the need for large, long, inefficient cables.
Remote ManagementAutomatic satellite antenna positioning allows for convenient and automated adjustments. The satellite antenna is positioned on the basis of receiver signal strength indications, ensuring a functionally optimized and autonomous positioning anywhere in the world. For transportation purposes, or in case of severe weather conditions (storms), the antenna can be automatically retracted, laid flat on top of the container or fully removed manually. All of these features are remotely manageable.
SystemRacks inside the container contain the computer systems which are either graphical processing unit based (GPU-based) or based on the high-performance cubic/cylindrical shape of the “antminer”.

In the GPU-based computers, the GPUs are the energy-intensive parts with a “hot(H)” and a “cold(C)” side and are thus placed as far as possible from each other. In general, the GPUs are arranged along the long horizontal axis of a shelf (width of the shelf). The order of the GPUs is important. They are in an ...HC-CH-HC-CH-HC... alternating order (each GPU rotated by 180 degrees compared to its neighbor), forming CH-HC-pairs, and the distance between two opposing hot sides is much further compared to the distance between two opposing cold sides. Additionally, each HC-CH pair of GPUs is placed alternatingly away from the neighboring pairs of GPUs on the second horizontal axis perpendicular to the axis of the primary direction of the GPU arrangement on the rack of shelves (long axis of the shelf). These results are based on a working prototype, where optimization experiments and calculations using thermography and air-flow simulations have resulted in the development of this schema.

Heat Simulation

Adjustable RacksThe positions between the racks are readily adjustable by using an archive rack system on rails. Rails are welded into the container when they are manufactured. To ease maintenance and for cooling optimization, the racks can later be moved along the short horizontal axis of the container so that the space between racks can be adjusted.
Simulation of Heat Dissipation and Convection

Cooling System

Fail-Proof Air FlowCentrally installed fans (one each side) with a large fan diameter are highly efficient and superior to small fans installed inside the equipment. These fans create a pressure gradient with a lower pressure inside the container by pushing the air out of the container. The inflow is exclusively possible via (adjustable) air inlet hoses that lead the inflowing air directly to the equipment that needs cooling. This way, the same airflow that could be achieved using standard small diameter fans can be created by investing fractions of the energy required by small fans. Moreover, a fail-proof system is generated, since cooling of the individual components can be considered “passive”. Failure of one of the (at least) two large diameter fans results in compensatory upregulation of the remaining fan, an automated maintenance message and full cooling capacity for the remaining time to maintenance even with only a single fan running.
The racks are placed in a special order that allows the incoming air to reach all GPUs

For “tube-like” cylindrical computing units like the “antiminer S9”, a hose is directly fitted onto the air inlets of the antminer. The fans can be completely removed, since an adequate air flow is always ensured passively.

Filters that can be placed inside the air intake hoses (depending where the container is deployed, filters may not be necessary at all) can be automatically purged by a maintenance sequence in the fan controller to reverse the fans – and thus the pressure gradient – forcing airflow in the opposite direction. This is achieved by temporarily changing two phases of the 3-phase AC fan motors by using two relais during the fans' off cycle. Reversing the pressure results in a purge of dirty filters/nets in the air inlets.

The condition of the nets is calculated by determining the pressure difference induced by activating the fans. By means of a calibration curve, the relative decrease in pressure after the fans are activated is used to estimate the resistance of the whole system which correlates with the degree of obstruction of the air inlets. Simulatneous power measurements of the fan power lines allows for reliable identification of properly running fans.
SensorsHumidity and water sensors identify various weather conditions. If a container is deployed outside, severe storms and rain will be detected and the ventilation system adjusted so that no water can be sucked into the container. The pressure and temperature sensors mentioned above will control ambient outside and inside air temperatures, allowing for adjustments of the converted energy and cooling power to the required (preset) temperatures. In certain use-cases, it may be desirable to increase the operating temperature of the unit (e.g. heating a swimming pool). The sensors allow for such adjustments to be set and monitored remotely.
The fan controlis realized by means of a PID loop with setpoint: Temperature, Input: Temperature Readings, Current Readings, Output: Hashrate-factor, Fan Driver Circuit

Electrical System Features

Power supplyElectrical power supply is realized via regular, internationally accepted CEE 32-Amp hubs. Depending on the type, either 2 or 4 plugs are installed.
Power ManagementThe distribution of power is controlled through a small linux-based server system and Atmel® chip-based microcontrollers. Using node.js-based applications and accessed via http-served dashboards, the general purpose in-out pins of a server-connected control board or of a raspberry single-pcb-computer are used to trigger a set of solid state relays that control the power connections of the power supply units of the computing and mining rigs.
Surge protectionAn essential feature of a safe and feasible startup procedure is a strategy to cope with the massive surge currents imposed by the large capacitive loads of the power supply units. Operation without physical access to the unit’s power switches and fuses, by simply connecting the power plugs, is therefore only possible by using a strategy to reduce these massive surge currents. Our strategy involves the use of random solid state relays activated within 20 seconds. Once power is supplied, all solid-state relays are in an “off” state. After about 10 seconds, the linux-based server system and Atmel® chip-based microcontrollers are up and ready. A startup script is then automatically executed, randomly activating the solid-state relays for the (16) racks, ensuring that only one rack receives power at a time. Once turned on, a second, rack-specific set of (3) solid-state relais controlled by an atmel microcontroller is sequentially activated. Power consumption is also read by this controller and sent to the corresponding server via the serial line (USB connection)..
Automatic startup sequenceThe automatic startup sequence safely connects standard plugs to the system without the need for sophisticated, special circuit breakers, ensuring the versatility of the container to be plugged into virtually any sufficient power source.
Automatic shutdown sequenceAnalogous to the automatic startup sequence, the capacitive loads are disconnected sequentially from the power plugs upon entering a (secret) code into the numpad that is used for access control purposes. This code triggers the closure of a signal circuit connected to the central servers, which will trigger a shutdown program once it senses the closure of the circuit, shutting down all solid-state relais so that plugs can be removed safely and avoiding electric arcs inside the plugs.

Use Cases

Primary Use of Container
  • Cryptomining-Related Applications: Coin Mining
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Support: Mining Activities for Support
  • Server applications: Cloud services
  • GPU-Based Applications: Cloud Rendering (VR calculations, Movies, etc)
  • Secondary Use of Container-Converted Energy (Thermal)
  • Heating Greenhouses/Vertical Farming
  • Heating Industrial Halls/Warehouses
  • Conversion of overcapacities at various wind, solar or conventional fossil fuel-driven power plants, transformer stations at plant sites or overcapacities at (empty industrial) transformer stations.

  • ICO Project

    The EVN token is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token. EVN tokens grant their holders the right to:
    1. receive 100% of the earnings of our proprietary mining operation in two steps:
      • 75% payed out immediately
      • 25% reinvested to boost future payouts
    2. receive 35% of envion‘s earnings from mining by third-party operations
    3. voting and veto in important decisions of the company’s strategy
    Tokens will be offered for 31 days, starting on December 15th, 2017 and ending on January 14th, 2018. EVN ICO is conducted by envion – the first mobile – mining solution in the world targeting energy at its very source. The offering will be open to the global public. Restrictions apply for residents of Germany and US-based investors.


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