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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cashaa - The next generation banking platform for the next billion

In the blockchain world, there are ICO projects that become banking solutions. A company established in 2016 has built an innovative banking platform that allows anyone, with or without a traditional bank account, to exchange and transfer money and crypto emergency.

The company's name is Cashaa. The company will enable banks for billions that do not have global returns, provide banking services such as money transfers, remittances, microloans and peer insurance into the future to billions that are not eligible for traditional banking services now. This banking service will be built entirely in the blockchain and viewed from the beta test. What Cashaa developed is a solution that will take advantage of crypto liquidity amongst crypto traders in the background. Cashaa launched ICO on November 6 with a maximum limit of $ 32 million USD or 510,000,000 CAS tokens. Each token will cost $ 0.1

The benefits of cashaa are:
  1. If you are transferring or sending money regularly, you will save a lot of money using Cashaa instead of using a traditional remittance service or bank.
  2. If you are a cryptosecurity trader, you will have a very liquid way to exchange your cryptocurrency.
  3. if you are an investor, this is an opportunity to take part in a disruption to a $ 575 billion industry that is likely to result in a substantial return.
The reason, that is because of cashaa:
  1. Turn on financial products for Bank and Unbank
  2. Facilitating Low-Cost Currency Exchange
  3. Enable Investing in 4.Dedicated to Communities with Open APIs
Cashaa is also not just your typical banking application. Cashaa provides a full spectrum of digital client-centric money services such as instant balance updates, sending, receiving, paying, borrowing and insuring with stunning interfaces and easy-to-use notifications. Cashaa's vision is to create payment infrastructure and banking for the long term.

Cashaa team consists of the most effective, brightest and most intense people in an identical vision-sharing effort to create blockchain apps directly and easily accessible to many people. Cashaa's team has 200 years of Payment and Banking expertise that crystal rectifiers by the world's three crown entrepreneurs The World Health Organization designed their company from scratch which is currently part of the Fortune Top 15 in the World. Proven team recordings from Cashaa team members provide the understanding of North American laws and regulations, domain experience, new technology and licensing requirements. Cashaa's team and planning board include the C-suite executives from Fortune a hundred technology and money services companies and leading educational institutions. Here is a Team from CASHAA 


Writter by : Ludmilla
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