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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

GAT Coin - the new crypto currency to be launched on Ethereum main network as part of a wider corporate system
In the blockchain, the world is not far from the name of an ICO project. Each ICO has a vision and mission. However, essentially every project must have the same goal to achieve the success of the project. Same thing with ICO project which I will discuss here is Gatcoin. GAT coin is a new cryptocurrency token that will be launched on Ethereum's main network as part of a larger enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants can publish their own brand digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other promotional offers ( Merchant Tokens). The GAT system will allow merchants to publish Merchant Tokens to bulk consumers with minimal settings, allowing them to quickly apply token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy. GATCoin will be the exclusive exchange currency for Trader Token trades at the GAT Exchange. Consumers may use their GATCoin to obtain a Merchant Token or may convert their Merchant Token to GATCoin on GAT Exchange.

GAT also has a system, among others:
  1. GAT Wallet, in the form of storage for mobile tokens, shopping platforms and payment portals
  2. GAT Marketplace, an online market participating with a merchant token store that merchants can use for products and services
  3. GAT Exchange: exchange of marks for the sale and purchase of merchant tokens by using GAT coins
  4. GAT network, which is a private consortium network to know where token merchants are circulating

The GAT system also has the main objectives :
  1. Drive Consumer Engagement, which significantly aims to increase the frequency and speed of interactions between customers and their merchant incentive programs by offering convenience, usability and consumer experience value
  2. Plug-and-Play, which to offer merchants with a cost-effective solution to deploy digital tokens as part of their consumer marketing strategy, thereby reducing technological barriers to adoption of digital tokens
  3. Flexibility, to provide a flexible platform through which merchants can design their own incentive program to fit their own customer base
  4. Consumer Data, to provide granular data on the reach and effectiveness of incentive merchant programs by measuring the interaction and consumption of digital tokens
  5. Easy Adoption, to offer database solutions for the circulation and storage of merchant tokens, from server solutions to GAT blockchain solutions.
  6. Legal Reputation and Security, for digital token in a closed system, thus avoiding regulatory issues related to public bidding, as well as the risk reputation associated with launching tokens on major public networks

Benefits of GAT for global traders :
  1. As a Powerful Marketing Tool, where digital tokens are valuable, transferable and highly appealing to be collected from a consumer perspective
  2. As Consumer Data, digital token streams can be monitored, also provide merchants about the data and effectiveness of their incentive programs
  3. As a Sales Increase Activity: unlike traditional coupons, vouchers and points, highly liquid libraries also trigger faster telemarketing activities due to stable transfer and consumption rates
  4. As Cash Flow, wherein the future, business owners will be able to sell their Merchant Tokens to finance product repayment and services made by consumers
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