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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anacoin - cryptocurrency token powering a mission for peace

Technology can provide a great help in building peace by helping people communicate, see information, make decisions, and understand each other better. Teresa Crawford and Skip Cole gave her description as follows:
Peace is not created with a single action: ceasefire, agreement, or reconciliation is only the starting point between wartime and peace

The true peace is built up over time, with different processes and approaches moving from conflict to a lasting peace relationship. It requires action at different levels by different people, in different ways and at different points in a conflict.

The activities can be as diverse as alternative dispute settlements (arbitration, mediation, negotiation), reconciliation, peace (both civil and military), conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction. Also increased institutional and organizational capacity, demobilization and re-integration, monitoring and advocacy, conflict transformation, psycho-social rehabilitation and rule of law. This method of peace, as part of a cohesive long-term strategy, is followed by the second target of the root causes of conflict and possible violence that can be avoided.

In general, technology can be used in peace efforts in six ways:
  1. To provide information
  2. To help people process information
  3. To improve decision making
  4. To reduce scarcity
  5. To support the relationship
  6. To help people understand each other
With regard to technology, in the world of ICO one project named Ananas utilizes a technology called Blockchain. Ananas is a strong foundation or foundation in building world peace in sophisticated blockchain technology. Utilizing sophisticated and secure technology, the project builds an interactive platform that has a very wise and leadership resource in bringing together many people in a digital program that is accessible to everyone.*eLSPNnfaxs-js7dPtThb0Q.png
Ananas platform is able to provide security as well as service and create a variety of peace with both. Providing a positive impact in the future, by improving the quality of technology and human resources better and more creative. That way every member who participates in this project will benefit. The platform in blockchain ethereum technology, this project issued its own currency under the name Anacoin. Aims to harmonize every interest of a group, and reward trustworthy members and contributors.

Token Sale
By using the ANAT ticker token name, this project releases a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 Anacoin tokens and sold for as many as 150,000 Anacoin tokens. at a price of $ 0.02 per 1 ANAT token. Using the token ethereum ERC20 platform. This Token will be sold on September 18, 2017, 9:00 am GMT and ends on 16th October 2017 9:00 am GMT.

The Ananas Foundation strongly believes in everyone and wants to give everyone the opportunity to be part of every benefit and profit gained. This project is in the process of completing the token sale details, to ensure the process is safe and easy, and accessible to everyone.

  1. Zeena Qureshi (CEO)
  2. Emad Mostaque (CIO)
  3. Gurpreet Sohal (CTO)
  4. Heremaia Durie (CMO)
  5. Leon Beck (Digital Marketer)
  6. Marco Lin (CSO)
  7. Iain Little (Chairman)
  • Our advisory board
  1. Quadri Oshibotu (Product manager)
  2. Adam Rodman (Macro specialist)
  3. Dr. Myriam Francois (Writer, academic & journalist)
  4. Beryl Li Chavez (Blockchain expert)
  5. Dr. Amin Elkholy (AI expert and finance)
  6. Mudassar Ahmed (Communications expert)
  7. Professor Tom Kosnik (Venture Partner & Adjunct Stanford Prof. Marketing Technology)
  8. Blake Goud (Finance & Investment Expert)
  9. Jelle Herold (Information scientist and blockchain expert)
Find out more about this project please visit this following page:
website and whitepaper  

writen by : Ludmilla
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