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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

GAT Coin - the new crypto currency to be launched on Ethereum main network as part of a wider corporate system

In the blockchain, the world is not far from the name of an ICO project. Each ICO has a vision and mission. However, essentially every project must have the same goal to achieve the success of the project. Same thing with ICO project which I will discuss here is Gatcoin. GAT coin is a new cryptocurrency token that will be launched on Ethereum's main network as part of a larger enterprise system (GAT System) through which global merchants can publish their own brand digital tokens that can be used as discounts, gift cards and other promotional offers ( Merchant Tokens). The GAT system will allow merchants to publish Merchant Tokens to bulk consumers with minimal settings, allowing them to quickly apply token usage as part of their overall marketing strategy. GATCoin will be the exclusive exchange currency for Trader Token trades at the GAT Exchange. Consumers may use their GATCoin to obtain a Merchant Token or may convert their Merchant Token to GATCoin on GAT Exchange.

GAT also has a system, among others:
  1. GAT Wallet, in the form of storage for mobile tokens, shopping platforms and payment portals
  2. GAT Marketplace, an online market participating with a merchant token store that merchants can use for products and services
  3. GAT Exchange: exchange of marks for the sale and purchase of merchant tokens by using GAT coins
  4. GAT network, which is a private consortium network to know where token merchants are circulating

The GAT system also has the main objectives :
  1. Drive Consumer Engagement, which significantly aims to increase the frequency and speed of interactions between customers and their merchant incentive programs by offering convenience, usability and consumer experience value
  2. Plug-and-Play, which to offer merchants with a cost-effective solution to deploy digital tokens as part of their consumer marketing strategy, thereby reducing technological barriers to adoption of digital tokens
  3. Flexibility, to provide a flexible platform through which merchants can design their own incentive program to fit their own customer base
  4. Consumer Data, to provide granular data on the reach and effectiveness of incentive merchant programs by measuring the interaction and consumption of digital tokens
  5. Easy Adoption, to offer database solutions for the circulation and storage of merchant tokens, from server solutions to GAT blockchain solutions.
  6. Legal Reputation and Security, for digital token in a closed system, thus avoiding regulatory issues related to public bidding, as well as the risk reputation associated with launching tokens on major public networks

Benefits of GAT for global traders :
  1. As a Powerful Marketing Tool, where digital tokens are valuable, transferable and highly appealing to be collected from a consumer perspective
  2. As Consumer Data, digital token streams can be monitored, also provide merchants about the data and effectiveness of their incentive programs
  3. As a Sales Increase Activity: unlike traditional coupons, vouchers and points, highly liquid libraries also trigger faster telemarketing activities due to stable transfer and consumption rates
  4. As Cash Flow, wherein the future, business owners will be able to sell their Merchant Tokens to finance product repayment and services made by consumers
Token Sale


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cashaa - The next generation banking platform for the next billion

In the blockchain world, there are ICO projects that become banking solutions. A company established in 2016 has built an innovative banking platform that allows anyone, with or without a traditional bank account, to exchange and transfer money and crypto emergency.

The company's name is Cashaa. The company will enable banks for billions that do not have global returns, provide banking services such as money transfers, remittances, microloans and peer insurance into the future to billions that are not eligible for traditional banking services now. This banking service will be built entirely in the blockchain and viewed from the beta test. What Cashaa developed is a solution that will take advantage of crypto liquidity amongst crypto traders in the background. Cashaa launched ICO on November 6 with a maximum limit of $ 32 million USD or 510,000,000 CAS tokens. Each token will cost $ 0.1

The benefits of cashaa are:
  1. If you are transferring or sending money regularly, you will save a lot of money using Cashaa instead of using a traditional remittance service or bank.
  2. If you are a cryptosecurity trader, you will have a very liquid way to exchange your cryptocurrency.
  3. if you are an investor, this is an opportunity to take part in a disruption to a $ 575 billion industry that is likely to result in a substantial return.
The reason, that is because of cashaa:
  1. Turn on financial products for Bank and Unbank
  2. Facilitating Low-Cost Currency Exchange
  3. Enable Investing in 4.Dedicated to Communities with Open APIs
Cashaa is also not just your typical banking application. Cashaa provides a full spectrum of digital client-centric money services such as instant balance updates, sending, receiving, paying, borrowing and insuring with stunning interfaces and easy-to-use notifications. Cashaa's vision is to create payment infrastructure and banking for the long term.

Cashaa team consists of the most effective, brightest and most intense people in an identical vision-sharing effort to create blockchain apps directly and easily accessible to many people. Cashaa's team has 200 years of Payment and Banking expertise that crystal rectifiers by the world's three crown entrepreneurs The World Health Organization designed their company from scratch which is currently part of the Fortune Top 15 in the World. Proven team recordings from Cashaa team members provide the understanding of North American laws and regulations, domain experience, new technology and licensing requirements. Cashaa's team and planning board include the C-suite executives from Fortune a hundred technology and money services companies and leading educational institutions. Here is a Team from CASHAA


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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gladius - a decentralized solution to protect yourself from DDoS attacks

The Gladius Mission leverages the strength of decentralization in optimizing network traffic for speed and robustness of DDoS attacks. The gladius platform is the next step in the evolution of website optimization and protection services.

Gladius's goal is to create a fully decentralized and peer-to-peer network to connect the world's unused bandwidth to websites looking for DDoS protection and accelerated content delivery. Anyone with a computer can download a Gladius peer client and run it in the background to lease unused bandwidth and get Gladius Tokens (GLA) in the process. Large pools with hundreds, if not thousands, nodes can then handle a continuous stream of requests to validate website connections and block malicious activity while increasing loading time via a decentralized CDN.

What is Gladius
Gladius is a decentralized solution to protect yourself from DDoS attacks by letting us connect to a pool of protection near us to provide better protection and speed up content. With an easy-to-use interface and great insight tools, Gladius allows people to protect and speed up their sites.

Sites that seek protection can only create accounts on Gladius sites, get Gladius Tokens, then request appropriate services with just a few clicks. Once a website is part of the Gladius network, live graphics will be available to monitor connection, protection, location and other insights.

The client node can be built on any Linux, Windows, or MacOS machine and will automatically run in the background when we select it. A node can then select their bandwidth capabilities and sign up to join the pool. Once received, any requests for the user's computer to process them will give them a Gladius Token. In turn, users can sell this token back to the website to create an economic cycle that encourages the growth of Gladius Network. DDoS Protection for Everyone. DDoS attacks can be expensive and undermine any business. While some believe that only large companies are at risk, 50% of all websites will be victims of denial of service attacks.

DDoS attacks cost millions for household names like Twitter, BBC, and Netflix.

The ability to reduce DDoS attacks while creating an effective and secure CDN puts the team in a unique position. Fully utilizing blockchain technology allows us to place power in the hands of the people. Has an independent node platform that is able to transfer nonstop money consisting of a core network.

Network nodes and ponds lead to highly competitive markets where pools can manage prices, special network settings, and compete for businesses. As a consequence, users will get the best service with the most competitive price. This is a gladius mission to make the internet safer and faster for business users and end users.

With Gladius, it's all about empowering everyone to contribute to making the internet a better and safer place through faster website access and DDoS attack mitigation

Join the revolution:

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Globitex - Linking Digital Currency to Global Trade

Bitcoin is already functioning as a value store and exchange medium. However, in order to gain significance as an accounting unit in global commerce, it is necessary to scale both technically and economically. In order for the Bitcoin economy to reach the required scale, it requires substantial liquidity improvements that are likely to result in higher price stability. The increase in liquidity and relative price stability is an important step in the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a global exchange medium. The establishment of a stable capital market, along with appropriate interest rates will establish a natural market-based level of reference and thereby improve liquidity and price stability.

To facilitate the use of Bitcoin as an industry-scale exchange medium, an existing Globitex exchange infrastructure exists and scales it into exchange with global spot and derivative exchange capabilities, in which standard instruments in the money and commodity markets are registered with cash settlement and then physical delivery, and where Bitcoin is used as the base currency - account unit.

To realize this goal, Globitex issues a GBX utility token. Token will be issued as smart contract Etherium EIP-20 (formerly known as ERC-20). The GBX token will primarily be used for the settlement of trades on the Globitex exchange, which serves as a commission payment token. The GBX token will also work in the planned loyalty program for Globitex's clients and contributors, where contributors will participate in the company's overall success. GBX tokens can be obtained during the sale of Globitex tokens (www.globitexico.com) using Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (XBT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). GBX token sales will be done in stages.

What is globitex ?
Globitex is an institutional-level Bitcoin exchange, with unmatched API capabilities for immediate market access. Globitex's goal is to advance the Bitcoin industry globally, increase Bitcoin's trade liquidity and allow professional traders to participate through API (FIX & RESTful) interface for trade and payments. The Globitex team has created a professional Bitcoin marketplace to meet the need for an institutional value exchange platform with advanced IT solutions, suitable for individual and institutional Bitcoin market players.

Globitex issues a GBX utility token. Token will be issued as smart contract Etherium EIP-20 (formerly known as ERC-20). The GBX token will primarily be used for the settlement of trades on the Globitex exchange, which serves as a commission payment token. The GBX token will also work in the planned loyalty program for Globitex's clients and contributors, where contributors will participate in the company's overall success.

Token sale 

Team Executive:

  • Jon Matonis : Chairman
  • Liza Aizupiete : Managing Director
  • Arvis Ermins : Director and Head of Compliance
  • Maris Kaneps : Director and Head of IT


  • Uldis Teraudkalns : Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Viesturs Tamuzs : Board Member
  • Andris Kaneps : Board Member


  • Mark O’Byrne : Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
  • Carlos Blanco : Risk Analytics and Financial Modelling Expert
  • Pierre Roberge : IT Security Expert
  • Mikko Ohtamaa : Technology Advisor
  • Ransu Salovaara : Token Sales Strategist

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Written by : Ludmilla
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Friday, October 20, 2017

STK Token - Global Payment Network

On October 25, 2017, STK ("STK Global Payments AG") will hold a Token Generation Event (TGE) event and will create an STK token for purchase at the token sales site STK (www.stktoken.com). The STK Token will allow the real-time point of sale transactions (POS) directly from the private user's crypto purse.

The STK Token is part of a global solution to facilitate seamless transactions. To make an instant payment at the point of sale of the blockchain wallet requires that we exchange real-time exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat. STK automatically opens state channels between each user and his own STK wallet. Token STK fund transactions, same as Ethereum gas fund transactions. The first implementation is with STACK digital wallet. The STK Token will be implemented on a public ethereal blockade and comply with the ERC20 protocol.

Until now crypto has not got mainstream adoption. The last obstacle to mass market adoption will be removed when crypto is embedded in everyday trading. Because merchants receive very few cryptocurrencies at the point of sale or online, consumers should exchange cryptographic into their local currency to make daily purchases. Through these exchanges, this can take a long time, and come at a considerable cost. Although some companies have created products that allow resellers to receive Bitcoin payments, they are currently only available in a small number of locations.

The goal is for this exchange to take place in real time, wherever credit cards are accepted, and at a cost comparable to transaction costs on Ethereal. Currently, the confirmation time for Bitcoin transactions averages 10 minutes2, too long for purchases of merchandise. The ethereum transaction is faster, at an average of 24 seconds, but it is too slow for point of sale. Furthermore, neither the merchant nor the local currency provider is willing to wait for the amount of time required for the transaction to be confirmed in the blockchain, which is very important to protect both parties from cheating. 

STACK is a new personal financial platform, built on the idea that using your money should be free. Universal accessible, STACK is an alternative to traditional banking that allows you to safely store your money, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere in the currency including crypto, directly from your smartphone.

STK Token will provide instant key crypto payment at the time of sale, allowing the integration of cryptocurrency into daily transactions and financial services at STACKwallet. The STK Token will be implemented on a public Etherium blockchain as an ERC20 token. The STK Token will provide instant crypto payment at the time of sale at any merchant. The STK Token will allow access to a real-time exchange, which means you can use your crypto account for transactions whenever and wherever you like.
The goal of STACK
STACK goal is to become a full-service personal finance solution. In addition to the crypto-card bag wallet, STACK creates a positive and sustainable relationship between users and their money, without the stress associated with most products or financial transactions. 

Benefits of STACK
offering to its members a free digital money service, including : 
  1. Real time conversion from crypto to local fiat currency at point-of-sale 
  2. Tap-to-pay functionality in STACK mobile applications and to participating third-party mobile wallets
  3. Multi currency money purse (crypto and fiat currency)
  4. Chip-and-PIN EMV Card
  5. Social sharing to celebrate important moments in the World Stream STACK
  6. The ability to withdraw cash from any ATM
  7. Tips, tools and advice tailored to achieve your financial goals, faster

STK Global Payment's vision is to create globally accessible alternatives to traditional banking, allowing you to safely store money, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere in the currency including crypto by using STK token, directly from your smartphone, with using STACK Applications Create a digital wallet as a companion of traditional card solutions, the STACK app lets you use your currency at point of sale, anywhere in the world.

STACK is a revolutionary new approach to personal finance, providing a cost-free alternative to traditional banking with a globally accessible platform to spend, store and share your money, in any currency, at any time and directly from your mobile. STACK is creating a community of users who celebrate important moments by sharing stories and delivering personalized solutions to achieve financial goals faster than ever. STACK uses industry-leading security to protect your money, data and privacy, so accounts are safe and secure.
  • EMV Chip and Pin Card 
  • Transition Notice 
  •  In-app card freeze, reset pin 

STACK has built the monitoring process of KYC, AML and fraud monitoring.
  • The onboard process uses a waterfall methodology to verify users using Trulioo's GlobalGatewayTM 
  • AML Watchlist to comply with World Countermeasures and Global (AML), Counter Terrorist Finance (KKP), and enforcement sanctions regulations. 
STK tokens will be available for purchase on the STK token sale site (www.stktoken.com) commencing November 13, 2017 at 17:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The cost per STK token is $0.16 USD. STK tokens for sale represent 55% of all STK tokens. A maximum of 310,345 ETH and a minimum of 3,600 ETH will be accepted for the sale of STK tokens. STK tokens are not available for purchase for residents of United States of America or Canada

In order to further develop and promote the STK platform, STK will conduct a token generation event that will offer for sale 550,000,000 STK tokens out of a 1 billion total supply. The proceeds of the TGE will be used for marketing, solution development (both iOS and Android), integration of STK with STACK and the operation of crypto to local currency exchange. The remaining will be reserved for the liquidity pool, bounty programs and referrals 


Pre-sale Starts: October 11, 2017
Pre-sale Ends: October 24, 2017 
Sale Starts: October 25, 2017
Sale Ends: November 3, 2017
Pre-sale discount of 20%
Day 1 discount (tokens purchased during the first 24 hours of the sale) of 10%
An additional 5% will be allocated towards bounty and referral programs

Our team has decades of combined experience in financial services, technology, and marketing, with a consumer-focused approach to business. We created STACK as the first step towards a better way to spend, save and share your money. Now, the STK token will advance our mission to provide a universally accessible platform to store money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency, including crypto.

We’ve partnered with some of the top thought leaders and development experts from the Blockchain community who have helped to develop the STK token. Our ecosystem includes industry experts in tech, media, retail and regulatory affairs.


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Earth Token - Platform Providing Blockchain

Environment plays a role as a habitat for the life of living things on earth. in natural conditions, the environment with all the diversity of existing interactions can balance the situation. However, did not rule out the condition can be changed with the existence of human intervention with all activities of the fulfillment of needs that sometimes exceeded the limit.

Climate is one of the factors that influence human activity in its environment. Extreme climate can be a limitation for human activity. Climate change is a major risk to the global economy, affecting the wealth and prosperity of all citizens and nations around the world. these changes will have a significant impact on the availability of the world's natural resources, the price of energy sources, the vulnerability of infrastructure and the company's assessment of the Company's continued effort in the environment is no longer considered pure.

Earth Token
What is an Earth Token ??
Earth Token is a decentralized block-based Natural Asset Exchange with cryptocurrency through Earth Token allowing stakeholders in the $ 120 trillion capital value chain to explore some segments of the market that may not be well utilized. owners of interest will also be able to package assets with value-added services to create offerings tailored to new market segments, expand the overall market and create additional wealth for all participants participating in it.Earth Token with combined, Natural Asset Exchange and Earth Token serves to encourage the demand for natural assets through the provision of unique environmental sustainability solutions. Customers and shareholders alike are hoping for valuable energy and emissions reductions, while legislators at all levels make new regulations and require evidence of adaptation compliance to climate change.

Some info about Earth Token company Organization Name that overshadowed Earth Token is impactChoice Ltd with registration number 087692 C1 / GBL. Earth Token was established on April 17, 2009, Earth Token is experienced enough in their field, Has legal entity jurisdiction Republic of Mauritius category company named Earth Token this is Type Company Category 1 Global Business License. Earth Token Corporate Secretary is an Intercontinental Trust, Audit & Tax Filing Partner is Margot & Associates, Earth Token listed addresses of Level 3, Alexander House, 35 Cybercity, Ebene 72201, MauritiusSome info about Earth Token company. Organization Name that overshadowed Earth Token is impact Choice Ltd with registration number 087692 C1 / GBL Earth Token was established on April 17, 2009, Earth Token is experienced enough in their field, Has legal entity jurisdiction Republic of Mauritius category Company name Earth Type Company Category 1 Global Business License. Earth Token Corporate Secretary is an Intercontinental Trust, Audit & Tax Filing Partner is Margot & Associates, Earth Token listed addresses of Level 3, Alexander House, 35 Cybercity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius 

Benefits provided by Erath Token As a provider of innovative environmental sustainability solutions since 2009, Earth Token understands the great value of this new platform and paradigm. Earth Token has offered a range of unique and unique solutions that can create demand for Natural Capital Assets, backed by a proven business model with existing and paying clients.

The Earth Token and the Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform described here are based on the premise that the impact will increase capital through crowdfunding. We hope to join the Earth Token community to make a difference and realize the benefits of this enormous market opportunity. So Ico is very important for us to participate because this platform is in support and help us to experience this beautiful nature with a variety of extraordinary natural resources.

Earth Token Function :
  1. Provide a free, open, transparent and universally accessible platform that connects Natural Asset producers with buyers
  2. Eliminating cheating and double counting of Natural Assets
  3. Provide sellers with flexible pricing mechanisms
  4. Reduce the complexity associated with currency exchange rates
  5. Eliminate registration fee for buyer and seller
  6. Eliminating costs associated with external third party registrars for buyers and sellers
  7. Eliminate the need for buyers to fund an escrow account
  8. Eliminate the minimum transaction volume
  9. Reduce transaction costs
  10. Simultaneous compliance & settlement that reduces the timeframe between the customer order and the delivery of the final product (lead time)
  11. Allows embedding of Natural Assets directly on the product and service
  12. Enable universal access to Natural Asset project investments
  13. Create sustainable long-term, risk-adjusted returns for all participants.
Token Sale
Minimum purchase: 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH

Maximum 1 billion tokens.
Earth Tokens will be fully transferable and exchangeable, and will be listed on selected exchanges once distributed. Token holders will be free to buy and sell Earth Tokens once they are listed.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anacoin - cryptocurrency token powering a mission for peace

Technology can provide a great help in building peace by helping people communicate, see information, make decisions, and understand each other better. Teresa Crawford and Skip Cole gave her description as follows:
Peace is not created with a single action: ceasefire, agreement, or reconciliation is only the starting point between wartime and peace

The true peace is built up over time, with different processes and approaches moving from conflict to a lasting peace relationship. It requires action at different levels by different people, in different ways and at different points in a conflict.

The activities can be as diverse as alternative dispute settlements (arbitration, mediation, negotiation), reconciliation, peace (both civil and military), conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction. Also increased institutional and organizational capacity, demobilization and re-integration, monitoring and advocacy, conflict transformation, psycho-social rehabilitation and rule of law. This method of peace, as part of a cohesive long-term strategy, is followed by the second target of the root causes of conflict and possible violence that can be avoided.

In general, technology can be used in peace efforts in six ways:
  1. To provide information
  2. To help people process information
  3. To improve decision making
  4. To reduce scarcity
  5. To support the relationship
  6. To help people understand each other
With regard to technology, in the world of ICO one project named Ananas utilizes a technology called Blockchain. Ananas is a strong foundation or foundation in building world peace in sophisticated blockchain technology. Utilizing sophisticated and secure technology, the project builds an interactive platform that has a very wise and leadership resource in bringing together many people in a digital program that is accessible to everyone.
Ananas platform is able to provide security as well as service and create a variety of peace with both. Providing a positive impact in the future, by improving the quality of technology and human resources better and more creative. That way every member who participates in this project will benefit. The platform in blockchain ethereum technology, this project issued its own currency under the name Anacoin. Aims to harmonize every interest of a group, and reward trustworthy members and contributors.

Token Sale
By using the ANAT ticker token name, this project releases a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 Anacoin tokens and sold for as many as 150,000 Anacoin tokens. at a price of $ 0.02 per 1 ANAT token. Using the token ethereum ERC20 platform. This Token will be sold on September 18, 2017, 9:00 am GMT and ends on 16th October 2017 9:00 am GMT.

The Ananas Foundation strongly believes in everyone and wants to give everyone the opportunity to be part of every benefit and profit gained. This project is in the process of completing the token sale details, to ensure the process is safe and easy, and accessible to everyone.

  1. Zeena Qureshi (CEO)
  2. Emad Mostaque (CIO)
  3. Gurpreet Sohal (CTO)
  4. Heremaia Durie (CMO)
  5. Leon Beck (Digital Marketer)
  6. Marco Lin (CSO)
  7. Iain Little (Chairman)
  • Our advisory board
  1. Quadri Oshibotu (Product manager)
  2. Adam Rodman (Macro specialist)
  3. Dr. Myriam Francois (Writer, academic & journalist)
  4. Beryl Li Chavez (Blockchain expert)
  5. Dr. Amin Elkholy (AI expert and finance)
  6. Mudassar Ahmed (Communications expert)
  7. Professor Tom Kosnik (Venture Partner & Adjunct Stanford Prof. Marketing Technology)
  8. Blake Goud (Finance & Investment Expert)
  9. Jelle Herold (Information scientist and blockchain expert)
Find out more about this project please visit this following page:
website and whitepaper  

writen by : Ludmilla
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