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Saturday, November 17, 2018

AEN - The decentralized Sex Market with Blockchain Technology

Sex is one of the human needs and it is natural. When someone needs sex, then that person will look for sexual partners out there. and that will waste your valuable time. Now you can find sexual partners very easily through your smartphone. A decentralized sex market is needed to allow all humans on earth to find perfect sexual partners anonymously.

AEN builds a free community where members can feel the pleasures of the world without worrying about government or government religious censorship or the implications of third parties. With absolute anonymity and user satisfaction as the main beliefs, the aim is to eliminate unwanted effects for all involved in the sex industry. because everyone needs sex, AEN has made this vital tool to provide unstoppable services for anyone and anywhere in the world.

Vision and mission


AEN has the vision to solve all the main weaknesses and problems that currently exist in this multi-billion dollar industry. To achieve this, AEN sets a number of objectives:
  • Improve traditional business models to completely eliminate the need for intermediaries, reduce overall costs and the risk of fraud, errors, and delays.
  • Solve unfair income distribution by creating a more transparent incentive-based ecosystem where participants are given sufficient rewards based on the value they add to the network.
  • Eliminating the high cost of payments, chargebacks, and refunds by building a decentralized blocking-based payment environment driven by tokenization.
  • Reducing bandwidth costs and drastically increasing latency, resilience, and centralization by moving to decentralized peer-to-peer (storage) networks based on Bittorent philosophy.
  • Improve privacy and security for all network participants by implementing smart contract technology combined with IPFS, and Bluzelle,
  • Eliminate restrictions imposed by banks, credit card companies, payment server providers, and advertising companies by building a neutral content platform where freedom of expression is paramount.
  • Against piracy: by combining strength, we can survive the abuse of content, thus protecting the rights of all network participants, partners and ourselves.

AEN Vision

AEN has a mission to offer everyone the possibility to share their sexual desires with others without shame and with complete control over their identity, AEN will develop an adult ecosystem based on Blockchain technology.

Precision Settings

The AEN platform lets you find ideal porn videos with just a few clicks. Equipped with complex filters based on skill qualifications, age, eyes, hair color and other parameters of the body, a friendly and interactive buyer interface is the perfect place to fulfill all your fantasies.

one of the main ideas of AEN project is to eliminate intermediaries or third in the sex industry and ensure that controls are returned to those who obtain and pay for them. As a decentralized market, AEN has created products based on anonymity and complete security. Working on the principle of peer-to-peer, the AEN portal is identified by the Ethereum address, not the IP address.


  • Porn Website
    Premium sites, free sites, blogs, and direct webcam sex sites are used to promote Pornscope. 
  • Live show
    Live curly shows and real porn photos will empower Pornscope with unique content. 
  • Mainstream media
    Mainstream applications and TV channels are used to make Pornscope known to millions of viewers. 
  • Video on Demand Platform
    Our porn-on-demand platform offers Pornscope users the opportunity to experience how porn movies are made. 
  • Escort Platform
    Amazing high-class escorts will take care of online marketing and marketing for Pornscope. 
  • Distribution Network
    Adult products will be used for prizes and awards, and as an additional income tool for players.

Affiliate system

Adult networks such as AEN measure their success based on the number of visitors, Quality traffic is very important and one of the best ways to achieve this, through exposure. AEN has the luxury of being able to utilize existing networks. Paid promotions will also be a carrying capacity, but nothing works better than word of mouth from satisfied users and artists. AEN encourages affiliates to drive traffic to adult entertainment networks by giving them rewards with 20% profit sharing from all purchases made by users they refer.

Tokenized store system

Although the market for static content (video, images, recordings) continues to decline, money remains the best way for players and platform owners to earn extra income, fans are constantly looking for unique, never seen before material starring favorite players. Some, maybe just missed their latest broadcast. Why do we have to limit players to only stream streaming revenue, while there are many other parts of the pie shared? Right! And this is where the AEN store platform is very useful; This provides a semi-automatic way for players to sell and share their broadcasts. They can even add special content such as picture albums, videos, and documents. Like most AEN features, players are free to activate/deactivate the store system from within their profile settings. When activated, recordings are saved automatically and become available directly in a personalized store.

Decentralized advertising market

The AEN internal advertising market has been built to allow players and advertisers to be able to close single transactions without the need for intermediaries. This feature is completely free and is intended for so-called promotional advertisements. For a moment, to reward performance financially to test or review new adult products such as toys or underwear and/or by offering percentage deductions for each product sold through their channels.

for more information, you can visit ( or see the whitepaper and supporting media channels.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

IOVO - Democratizing Data Monetization for All Participating Parties.

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. The ICO project itself is useful in helping finance in a project that aims to nothing but succeeds in the project. One of which will be discussed is an ICO project called IOVO (Internet of Value Omniledger). What are an IOVO and all about IOVO will be discussed here.

IOVO is DAG, a network database that secures the ownership and management of personal data to reduce the future of diminishing human values. IOVO is designed to allow individuals and entities to retake ownership of their data. IOVO facilitates and automates the process of managing personal data and monetization. IOVO DAG provides infrastructure for each and all future dApps based on user values and/or focuses on data usage, including (but not limited to) finance, credit, insurance, banking, news, and non-monetary payments.


The aim of the IOVO is to democratize monetization of data for all participating parties. While the main function of the IOVO is to collect, store and secure user data that is shared with applications built at IOVO DAG.

There are two main reasons why IOVO is needed, namely:
  1. Large organizations harvest and process data produced by the activities of almost every human being on the planet. Individuals do not have control over this, and they do not have technical assistance to determine how their data is used. Data is harvested and monetized while individuals who produce data do not see the benefits. Once centralized, this personal data is easily used by unauthorized and often hostile entities.
  2. There is a need for a cumulative universal database that can be easily accessed and analyzed. IOVO DAG is a comprehensive network database that can be accessed by analysts and researchers from every field.

The facilities provided by the IOVO for several participating parties include:
  1. USER
    The IOVO provides ownership to users and full control of digital values ​​and their privacy, along with the data transfer process that shifts from large data collection organizations to end users. The benefits of IOVO for users include:
    • Data wallet and access to the IOVO network
    • Data ownership
    • Data security and transparency
    • Data monetization
    • Anonymity.
    IOVO guarantees full data security for decentralized application and application operators. It also facilitates the monetization of this data (with user approval) and supports user growth by meeting stringent data security and privacy standards. IOVO benefits for dApp and application owners include:
    • Access to a comprehensive global database through a data wallet
    • Monetization of data owned
    • Data security
    • Acquisition of more users
    • The history that cannot be modified.
    IOVO is a strong network database for search, analysis, and inference. This infrastructure is very analytical friendly and is equipped with easy access to external analytical tools. Researchers and analysts can also use the tools and solutions delivered by IOVO. IOVO benefits for companies and data analysts include:
    • Large data access to complete the network
    • Data research and analysis
    • Full anonymity
    • Direct contact with users surveyed
    • Secure and historical data storage that cannot be modified.

By combining all types of personal data generated by dApps users based on DAG, IOVO serves as a complete large data infrastructure that is able to provide answers to complex research and analysis questions. So, IOVO returns data control back to the people who made it, along with the freedom to manage and monetize all their digital records.

That is a brief review of IOVO. for more details, just visit the official site Hopefully, this article is useful for all of us who read it.


Team & Advisors

  • Krzysztof Gagacki - Co-Founder
  • Joshua Hong - Head of investments
  • Zbigniew Kostrzewa - Co-Founder
  • Maciek Żakowski - Creative Director
  • Mariusz Mac - Head of community
  • Łukasz Majewski - CTO
  • Robert Rhodin - Business Developer
  • Magda Makowska - Head of communications
  • Łukasz Mazurek - Head of cryptography
  • Remigiusz Kwiatkowski - Blockchain developer
  • Bartosz Lach - Blockchain developer
  • Kamil Kiełczewski - Wallet developer
  • Tomek Odrzygóżdż - Blockchain developer
  • Krzysztof Kunowski - Head of mobile 
  • Brittany Kaiser - Executive Advisor
  • Dongliang Gao - Executive Advisor
  • Dan Jeffries - Advisor
  • Nicolette Kahen - Advisor

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Investment Legal Lottery with GG World Lottery

Investment is important in preparing for the future. There are various types of investments with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Not only in the form of physical or offline, investment in online or digital forms has also been done. When investing is different, there are investments that will be profitable in the long run, there are also profitable investments in a short time. However, usually, the type of investment that is profitable in a short time is influenced by luck. One type of investment is a lottery.

The lottery is one form of gambling with lots of prizes. Lottery activities began in the early 20th century. Actually, lotteries or other types of gambling were considered illegal by many countries, including the United States, one of the largest countries in the world. Some countries in Europe also apply the same thing, but after World War II began to increase countries that legalize lottery activities. The winnings obtained from lottery activities depend on a number of things including the number of possible numbers that have come out, the order of the numbers, and the possibility of further withdrawals for numbers drawn and returned.

Important Points In the GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery is a legal company that accommodates investment in the form of lotteries with full licenses and has been regulated by the government. GG World Lottery has a global scale and has a high level of transparency. There are 4 important points that describe the GG World Lottery, namely:
  1. Innovation.
    GG World Lottery became the first online lottery company with legal status. Other innovations are in the use of technology. The technology used in the GG World Lottery is True Random Number Generator technology based on blockchain or Ethereum Smart Contract in its transparency. The technology has also been certified by Gaming Laboratories International, a popular gaming company.
  2. Experience.
    Everyone involved in the establishment of the GG World Lottery and its operational activities is people who have experience in this field. One of them is the CEO of the GG World Lottery, a lottery expert and founder of Lotto America, later known as Powerball, Mark Hutchinson. Mark's ability in the gambling world is no doubt. With experience, the development of the GG World Lottery is guaranteed in the hands of these people.
  3. Global expansion.
    With the legal status that has been granted, GG World Lottery will raise lottery activities to various countries, especially countries that legalize lottery activities. Global expansion starts from the continent of Africa, South America, to Asia. 10 NDA agreements with the official governing body of lottery activities in these countries have been signed. However, it is possible that the GG World Lottery will enter another continent besides the continent.
  4. Success.
    Success is one of the important points that describe the GG World Lottery because this company is not just talking about plans, but everything has been done well. The GG World Lottery feels very responsible for the best and unique results in each device in lottery activities.

One form of GG World Lottery readiness is to provide a lottery activity for anyone before the crowdsale takes place. Everyone only needs to visit or after which the lottery can be played immediately and investment activities can be started as soon as possible.

Roadmap and Benefits of GG Coin Tokens

There is one main tool used in carrying out activities on the GG World Lottery. The tool is called a token called GG COIN. Tokens that have this GGC symbol are made using ERC-20. Total tokens to be made are 500,000,000 GGC at a price of $ 1 per 1 GGC. The following are important times in purchasing GGC tokens:

Besides being able to use every facility on the GG World Lottery, the owners of tokens will also get several other benefits, namely the receipt of results based on the Jackpot prize won. Dividend receipts will also be obtained in a period of 3 months in accordance with the amount of the token.

Team & Advisors


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Let's Manage the Use of Carbon Credit with Poseidon

At present climate change is of particular concern to various countries. All countries should take action to reduce adverse effects to keep the earth safe. The biggest factor that causes climate change is due to human behavior that does not protect the environment. Bad man's behavior causes natural carbon on the earth to disappear and greenhouse gases to increase. The earth becomes feasible for humans because of the atmosphere that keeps the temperature of the earth. With the increase in greenhouse gases, harmful gases trap heat in the atmosphere layer which then gives it to the earth so that the earth's temperature changes.

Various policies have been carried out by governments in various countries to reduce climate change. One policy that is mostly done is to limit carbon use by all parties. Each party is required to buy carbon from the government but with a limited quota. If a party requires more carbon than a quota, then the party must buy it from the quota of the other party. In addition, all parties are also required to do something that has a positive impact on the environment.


Poseidon is a platform that cares about climate change has tried to help all parties reduce the negative impact on the earth's climate from the activities carried out. Currently, carbon credits are traded in tons, Poseidon has the vision to trade in units of grams. The programs established by Poseidon force their clients to carry out activities that have a positive impact on the environment. One of Poseidon's programs is donations collected from its clients. The donation will be used for environmental protection activities. In addition to the program, Poseidon has other differences that make Poseidon better than its competitors:

Blockchain and Stellar technology

Poseidon uses blockchain technology with Stellar as its partner to unite the carbon market with the retail sector. Stellar was chosen because the platform is the only one that offers scalability and matches the values ​​in Poseidon. In addition, the Stellar platform uses less electricity which is in line with carbon reduction efforts. The electricity used by Stellar is far less than that used by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and VISA. With technology and selected partners, retailers will be able to sell carbon credits on each product to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.


There are 2 main things on the Poseidon platform namely OCEAN and CARBONCREDIT. The OCEAN Token is a tool to buy CARBONCREDIT, which CARBONCREDIT is used to regulate ownership of carbon credits. A total of 36 billion OCEAN tokens have been created and no token combustion or additional supply of tokens has been burned. OCEAN token purchases can be made on the secondary market or Poseidon's liquidity pool. 30% of the number of tokens made will be allocated to the liquidity pool.


The main thing that is asked by each party to reduce carbon is the cost that must be spent. With Poseidon, costs no longer have to be a mess. Poseidon uses AI that can calculate carbon quantities in real-time and provides recommendations for activities that are more environmentally friendly. In addition, AI can also predict the urgency of offsets and the number of funds that must be given to projects that require large funds. Poseidon uses 80% of its funds from the sale of OCEAN tokens to buy carbon credits at wholesale prices. Although Poseidon is a new platform in the market since May 2018, Poseidon managed to achieve success in a short time. The following is the Poseidon roadmap for 2018 and 2019:

With the addition of agreements signed between clients, companies and the government, it shows that Poseidon has become the platform with the biggest blockchain technology in the carbon credit market.

Team & Advisors

  • Laszlo Giricz - Founder and CEO
  • Chidi Akutu - COO
  • Cesare Tagliaferri - CTO
  • Ian Briggs  - CINO
  • Alexander Gnauck - CCO
  • Brad Yasar - Business Strategy 
  • Michael Cutler - Lead Developer 
  • David Parejo - Business Development Manager
  • Willie Thompson - Communications Manager
  • Abyel Mehari - Community Manager
  • Lisa Walker - Climate Change Expert
  • Rene Velasquez - Carbon Markets Expert
  • Jessica Verhagen - Carbon Trading Expert
  • David Webb - Technology Expert
  • Justin Mundy - Former Director The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit
  • Kristin Rechberger - Founder and CEO Dynamic Planet
  • Peter McCullagh - Founder and Managing Partner TenX Ventures Inc
  • Anthony Hobley - Chief Executive Officer Carbon Tracker Initiative

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

GOeureka - Next-Gen Solution Shaping The Future of Online Hotel Booking

GOeureka is the NEXT-GEN solution that leads the future of online hotel reservations with the GO blockchain hotel licensing platform that opens new value to hotels and consumers worldwide. Because everything is online now, you don't need to look at facilities for those who want to find a hotel. Because GOeureka makes it easy for you to order it. From 1-star hotels to 5-star hotels, you will find complete hotel details and everything from luxury to budget.

Goeureka's presence itself is caused by a number of problems that consumers complain about. The problem solved by the GOeureka team is a very long experience. This is a problem that consumers have solved by the team. The first is a lack of transparency which ultimately increases prices for OTAs which reduce hotel margins and increase prices for consumers. The second is an abandoned hotel loyalty program that allows consumers to lose points and throw away hotel deals for free. Finally, the search for bias generated by search results modified and rearranged in OTA ultimately determines consumer choice and value.

The GOeureka Vision

GO encompasses an attempt to produce a web scheme wherever businesses thrive by providing the most effective services to travelers. As a technology partner for the edifice business, GO can provide an easy and direct app and net expertise to users while not the high commissions on most sites. By releasing up resources for hotels, GO can create it the potential for them to supply a higher client price and repair with their resources.

The GOeureka MISSION

  1. To decentralize the edifice booking sector and deliver bigger transparency by permitting hotels to directly connect with their customers
  2. Aims to produce a dynamic digital expertise to users and eradicate the High Commission structures obligatory by online travel agents
  3. By reducing the monetary commitments of hotels to third-party booking platforms.

GOeureka transparency and Blockchain

A key feature of blockchain is responsibility. Go can use the block chain to confirm accounting and transparency within the scheme. Go can replace the payment mechanism for the sport, utilized by most travel agencies. The platform are going to be impartial, and no commission are going to be charged to users. On GO, you’ll now not ought to pay money for visibility. All displays and search results are going to bedetermined by the performance of the edifice and user reviews. Go will integrate with the property management computer code of the edifice through a strategic partnership.
One of the issues that GO can solve is disconnected loyalty programs. these days each airline, rent-a-carservice and edifice can have their own loyalty program. This makes it troublesome for standard customersto accumulate enough points to pay off important rewards.

Token Details

GO Token The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services and unlocking a range of other benefits and travel rewards.
Token Type Utility
Standard ERC20
Token Ticker GOT
Tokens for sale 600 million tokens. All unsold tokens will be burnt.
Token price $0.10
Bonus Distribution Private sale – 30% | Pre-ICO Phase 1 – 15% | Pre-ICO Phase 2 – 12.5% | ICO Month 1 – 10% | ICO Month 2 – 5%
Hard Cap USD$60 million
We Accept ETH, BTC, USD
Restricted Countries USA, China

Team & Advisors

  • Manraj Rai – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Justin Lim – Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer
  • Tej Bhuller – Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
  • Chan Huan Gee – Chief Visionary Officer Ex-Country Director, Agoda
  • Shuk Huay Koh – Chief Product Officer
  • Ray Lee – Blockchain Developer
  • Lisa Yeoh – Project Manager
  • Louise Daley – Deputy Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific, AccorHotels
  • Maria Nakpil – Ex-VP Regional Marketing and eCommerce, Hilton Asia-Pacific
  • Rhenu Bhuller – Partner and SVP, Frost & Sullivan
  • Trond Vidar Bjoroy – Head of Product Development and Implementation, ATPI
  • Subhajit Mandal – CFA-Director, LumenLab–MetLife Innovation Centre
  • Amarpreet Singh – Senior Advisor Global Blockchain Foundation
  • Akomba Labs

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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Government Network - Removing Limits in Every Country

The Government Network (TGN) is a platform that acts as an ecosystem that can balance law in the world. The main vision, as well as the goal of the formation of the TGN, is to make the country without limits. By using blockchain technology, TGN seeks to unite technology with all elements in the government. All of that is done solely to help the government in the welfare of its people. TGN has 3 main tasks, namely:
  1. Providing innovation and solutions to the government
    The network contained on the TGN platform and its decentralized nature can improve the quality of the results of several government activities such as voting or general elections. Actually, not only general elections but voting can also be done in the form of a petition. With the TGN, voting or petitions become more efficient and more democratic. TGN will also provide alternative solutions regarding governance which is certainly better than existing systems.
  2. Creating a new government system based on the people and for the people
    In addition to the system formed by the government, the people will naturally build their own systems in several fields. The system was formed because of the habits of the people. The existence of a system that was accidentally formed by the people can be a separate obstacle to the smooth running of the government system. The TGN can unite the two systems that are often different so that the system applied to a country can prosper the people.
  3. Implement governance solutions that can be used as examples for other countries' governments
    If the TGN succeeds in inspiring other government systems, this is the same as TGN has contributed to the development of the world in a better direction in various aspects. The TGN will work with the High Court in a country to disseminate information on existing governance needs in the world and then find innovative solutions. In this case, the High Court acts as a home for people who have a voice about the law that needs to be corrected.


The Government Network began to be available in the crowdsale which will be carried out by companies in Belize. The company will create a GovLab that manages the manufacture of the TGN DAO and is responsible for development. GovLab consists of people who are experts in this field as well as developers of various fields needed. After the completion of the DAO, GovLab will be included in the DAO and its function will be transformed into a means of promoting people's participation and building an innovation until a critical mass is reached.


There are tools that all parties must have before they can utilize the various programs available in The Government Network. The tool is a currency that can only be used on the TGN platform and is named the NTN token. Making NTN tokens will not be limited, with the hope that these tokens can participate in the maximum market. The price of 1 NTN token is set at $ 1. With these prices, it is expected that NTN tokens can replace fluctuating cryptocurrency as a means of payment.


In addition to NTN tokens, in The Government Network, there is also another token called the GOV token. The technology used in the Gov token is ERC20. GOV tokens can only be used to use several programs on the TGN platform. If the number of NTN tokens is unlimited, the number of GOV tokens is limited to 125,000,000 with 70% of tokens sold in 3 stages of the sale. Currently, the sale of the third stage tokens is underway and will last until November 30 at 10:00 GMT. A total of 62,500,000 or 50% of GOV tokens will be available at the crowdsale at this stage. 

Differences in NTN Tokens and GOV Tokens

To better understand the differences between the two tokens, the table above explains the difference between NTN tokens and GOV tokens. 1 GOV token has the same value as 100 NTN. Exchange on both tokens can be done using a swap mechanism. Each exchange made between the two tokens will automatically print new NTN tokens.


The Government Network divides sales into 3 stages and is currently in the third stage of sales. The following is the TGN roadmap:

Before buying a token in the sale of this last stage, you must know the types of sales packages in advance by the TGN. TGN divides its clients into several parties, namely volunteers, citizens, ambassadors, and nation supporters. And here are the sales packages available in the TGN crowdsale:

With the understanding that has been held regarding the TGN platform, it is expected that the vision and goals of the creation of the TGN can be more easily achieved.

TGN Team

  • Jens Lievens - Team Leader
  • Michael V. Khalsa - Lead Visionary
  • Washington Kapapiro - Head of Development and Expansion
  • Tim Mak - Token Strategy and Operations
  • Bukhosi Sibanda - Project Manager Africa
  • Genelle Keswick - Brand & Communication Lead
  • Gaurav Areng Chakraverti - Community Engagement Strategist
  • Efraim Wyeth - Advisor
  • Dr. Mustafa Disli - Advisor

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The application of augmented reality (AR) technology is heading to its peak. Today, AR technology is increasingly being used as an application that can be used in smart devices, one example is the Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go is the most popular AR implementation because the popularity of Pokemon Go is very high even if not for a long time. AR technology is commonly used by technology companies to make something new that is amazing, for example, to bring up a holographic character that looks like real.

For some people, the term augmented reality (AR) still sounds foreign or even unheard of before. Augmented reality abbreviated AR is a technology that combines two-dimensional and/or 3-dimensional virtual objects into a 3-dimensional real environment. Even though it has a similar name, AR with virtual reality (VR) is two different things. VR provides recreation in digital form from what is in real life, while AR provides virtual elements as overlays in the real world.


In addition to being a form of play in smart devices, AR has been implemented in the form of other applications. ARROUND, a platform with decentralized AR technology. This platform consists of 4 elements that are integrated and can give birth to the backbone of all AR projects in various parts of the world. The 4 elements in ARROUND are universal advertising networks, reality markets, social sector platforms, and the next generation of AR.

ARROUND is a platform that is engaged in advertising. The target of consumers from all people or companies that use ARROUND will be more involved in the creative campaigns that are carried out. The creative campaign is of course with the use of AR technology and the strength of the largest data, which is obtained using AR technology, for the first time in the world. In addition, blockchain technology is also used in this platform. Data security is guaranteed by blockchain technology. With existing technology and networks, ARROUND has a great opportunity to change the thinking of everyone in seeing the world.

Not only ARROUND, but there are also several similar platforms that compete with the advantages possessed by each platform. The following is an ARROUND comparison table with several similar platforms:
In addition, there are several main reasons why everyone, especially entrepreneurs, must use ARROUND:
  1. Already have cooperation with global companies
  2. The speed of AR technology market growth is very large, reaching 65% CAR
  3. MVP is easy to get because it is available on iOS and Android
  4. Products offered by ARROUND are very innovative and comprehensive
  5. ARROUND has an experienced team with a very good track record


The token is a must-have currency before using ARROUND. Each platform must make its own token. Token in the ARROUND format named ARR. ARR tokens have smart contracts ERC20 on the blockchain network Ethereum. ARR tokens are the key to running all series in ARROUND including advertising payment activities, revenue from social networks, and AR Store and global 3D AR maps. This image is a model of using ERC20 on the ARROUND platform:

A total of 3 billion ARR tokens will be sold at a price of US $ 0.035 per one ARR token. ARR tokens are released after ICO and sold on the cryptocurrency exchange. ARROUND will receive several types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Unsold tokens will later be burned. Tokens can be purchased using fiat money with an adjusted exchange rate.

To be able to buy the token offered, each party must first register on the website and exchange cryptocurrencies to offer tokens. After the token is entered automatically. If the type of cryptocurrency owned is not Ethereum (ETH), the address of the Ethereum account is still needed in this process.

For More Information About Arround Please Click and Visit the Link Below

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ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

Thursday, November 8, 2018

MIN - Rewards that are right for the elapsed time

Time is a whole series when it is a process, an action, and a situation is in or going on. Time is the most important asset that is often wasted by many people. Every second becomes very valuable because the future depends on how well time is used. Many people cannot manage their time well, even though there are many activities that must be done. As a result, all these activities did not go well. The more advanced technology, everyone is easier to manage their time well. Many new tools with physical and digital forms have emerged, one of which is MIN. MIN is a platform that works for the time each person has. This platform can calculate the amount of money that must be received by someone for the time that has been spent. The system in MIN is flexible and can calculate payments every minute of time issued with tokens as a tool in using this platform.


MIN can also be used as a system that regulates gift giving when a task is completed. This function is right for various organizations or communities. Prizes given appropriately will stimulate all members to always carry out their duties properly. Not only for humans, but MIN can also be used on other platforms. In this platform, there is also a facility called MIN Rewarding Engine that can be used to record other online platform time. So other platforms can use MIN to add value by giving gifts to members who are often active on the platform.


A uniqueness of MIN is a unique and valuable gift someone will get when wasting his time. This unique gift will make someone feel more valued so they are tempted to use their time for important things. Apart from that uniqueness, there are also some benefits that will be obtained when using MIN, as follows:
  1. There will be no more parties who get excessive bills for the services they receive.
  2. There are no more parties who get less the right reward for the time they have spent.
  3. Justice that is obtained by both parties for their cooperation is more guaranteed because MIN uses an average level of specific prices in calculating each price. In addition, prices are also determined based on the number of factors such as the skills and experience they already have.
  4. Relations between professional parties and their clients will be maintained because of the presence of MIN.

MIN Token & Wallet

The offer of MIN tokens is 10,000,000,000 MIN, of which 60 percent has been sold during ICO and the remaining 40 percent will be sold to MIN clients for the next 3 to 4 years. Tokens on the MIN platform will be placed in a facility called MIN wallet. The MIN wallet is a place that is used to pay or earn money for the cooperation done. Digital or online wallet. Inside this wallet contains the amount of balance that can be exchanged for real money. The MIN payment process is very easy, a code is used in the collaboration. Then the payment settlement will be done automatically when the time meter is turned off.

With the MIN platform that regulates payments from time, it is expected to be able to make everyone more tempted to make the most of their time. Another hope is that no more workers or professionals who get paid do not match the work that has been completed so that all parties will get welfare and justice.

Token Sale Info

Price in ICO
0.0228 USD
Tokens for sale
Min. investment
300 XLM
Soft cap
300,000,000 MIN
Hard cap
6,000,000,000 MIN

Team & Advisors

  • Ali Magzoub - CEO 
  • Marko Prljic - UX DESIGNER 
  • Yahya O’Noor - Community manager 
  • Vilim Duganic - Developer 
  • Vedran Vidakovic - Developer 
  • Nebojsa Stojanovic - Developer 
  • Fatmah Mustapha - Developer 
  • Michael Angelo D. Magat - Developer 
  • Roldan Unne Torralba - Developer 
  • Abed Alzain - Stellar Developer 
  • Mharco Cayabyab - Developer
  • Joshuwa Roomsburg - Strategic Advisor
  • Robert D. Knight - Marketing Advisor
  • Hisham Alem - Operation and Scheduling Advisor

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